Scaring the other side

First: workout notes: it was 81 F, 74 percent humidity when I finally kicked myself out of the door for 4.2 miles at 12 mpm (jogging..somewhat hilly). I thought about walking to Dozer to get my tickets but instead drove..saving myself for the 5K tomorrow morning.

But yeah, it was gagging. And yes, I’ll make the 4’th of July game at Dozer, for I think, the first time. I’ll be one of the few there who doesn’t care about fireworks; I’ll be there for the baseball.

While running I saw some university track team members doing hill repeats; I decided not to join them as I didn’t want to show them up…and if you believe that….

Politics Yes, there are some Republicans that I “love to hate”. Of course, the arch-enemy is POTUS (for many reasons), but if you tell me REPUBLICAN and want to make my head explode:

McConnell (amoral, evil but politically shrewd)
Gohmert and Shimkus (morons and religious nutters)
Inhofe (Senator Snowball)

If I could will one of them to lose power…while I have more contempt for the Gohmert type crowd, I’d use that power on McConnell as he is an extremely shrewd politician.

If I ever get disgusted with my fellow liberals..I think of the above crowd and think “nothing for me over there…even sans Trump”.

But the Republicans have their bogymen too. Obviously, most despise Obama and Hillary Clinton. But as for right now, they seem to be aiming their fire at Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and now…Ocasio-Cortez….even though, strictly speaking, she has yet to win her seat (she won a primary in a safe blue district).

Here is what is interesting about these “used by one side to scare the other side into voting” types: all represent safe seats! I suppose that is no surprise. The safer the seat, the more they have to worry about losing their seat via the primary, and the more extreme they can be…and the less they care about pissing off the other side.

And that is how I think it works. Jim Inhofe represents Oklahoma…he need not worry about upsetting scientists. That will not hurt him in that state.
Maxine Waters: well, she doesn’t have to worry about upsetting the white finger waggers; she can safely tell them to “piss off”. And that feels very good to those who grow weary of having non-black people “splain” to black people how they should feel about being profiled and discriminated against. And that just INFURIATES those who feel entitled to be listened to.

Sometimes politics is more about tribalism and attitudes than anything else. And that explains why I’ve grown more and more disinterested in the actual details of platforms. Those usually are wish lists for the respective bases and often bears little relevance as to what we might actually get. To be sure there are broad directions (regulation/deregulation, SCOTUS picks, government help with healthcare, etc.) but those are broken down by R/D and not so much by the individual candidates.

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