closing in

It is kind of weird how much trouble the above object is causing me. 🙂

But I am working on it..but right now I am wasting time blogging.

We have a midterm in 2018 and there has been talk about trying to get those who don’t vote to show up and vote. The idea I’ve heard is if only the Democrats make their national platform appealing enough, people will show up to vote for them.

Let’s just say that I am a bit skeptical… (from 2012)

Workout notes: I am feeling better; post weightroom weight was 197.

Usual PT, pull ups (15-15-10-10, good) bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, incline: 6 x 150, decline: 8 x 170, military (better) 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing, 10 x 45, 3 sets of 10 x 110 rows, plank went a bit better (2:30) usual abs, pleasant 2 mile walk.

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Older Democrats: “We need new blood! But OMG, NOT THAT!”

I really do not know what to make of it. I remember laughing at the Tea Party in 2009…but not laughing so much in 2010..and in 2016. So obviously, I do not know what is going on, though I do know that older white people do get out and vote.

I’ve seen many Democrats my age and older call for new blood in the Democratic party and sure enough, we see an upset in NY-14 (new demographics: 49 percent Hispanic). I see Democrats cheer her on! But her platform

And here is where the debate happens: “THE GOP WILL CLOBBER US WITH OPEN BORDERS”!!! But then again, the GOP is going to find something to lie about anyway, so why worry about that?

“This will turn off swing voters” vs. “Maybe this will get us new voters..people who never voted before”.

And you know, I have no idea…if ANY of this really matters. I read the book Political Animals by Rick Shenkman which argues (convincingly, IMHO) that people end up voting for one candidate or another for the silliest of reasons; the actual platform really doesn’t matter that much.

My conjecture (ok, wild guess based on, well nothing): those who even know what “abolish ICE” means already has their minds made up. (or at least sort-of know what it means; ICE was created in 2002 as a response to 9/11)

It is mostly about getting Democrats to show up…good luck with that.

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Hot walk, not so hot game…

As you can see, conditions were stuffy. But I carried water and aside from a cyclist or two who surprised me along the way, it was ok. 2:02 out, 1:58 back; course was the Heights Tower to the Rock Island trail and I turned around at the second crossing after the mile 1 marker (gravel road crossing…not the nice paved road crossing).

On the way back I saw a woman put her bike in the bushes and then walk; evidently she strained to stay ahead of me. I passed her eventually but then she hung behind me at least past Pioneer Parkway. I admit that I was starting to get rubbery legged on the Knoxville pedestrian bridge.

Later: after a rain delay, the Cornbelters had a home game vs. the Florence Freedom. To say that the starting pitcher had a horrible day is an understatement. He hit 3 batters, walked a couple of more, gave up 4 hits and it was 6-0 before he even got an out in the 2’nd. The reliever wasn’t that much better; it was 10-0 midway through the 2’nd. The teams settled down until the Cornbelters got 2 in the 8’th (including home run in the left field berm) so the Freedom got a 3 run shot in the 9’th.

Final: 13-2. The team rewarded the fans with “dollar beer” (rain delay plus the home team getting pounded). Note: the Cornbelters won yesterday’s game against the same team.

As a bonus, the fans got to watch Jose Canseco strike out. But he did sign autographs and have his jersey auctioned off.

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