Road Trip to see Bees and River Bandits

My “hostage” (aka “”wife” ) was out of town, so it was the perfect time to make a 90 minute (each way) road trip to see a A league game at a different minor league park. The Quad Cities River Bandits hosted the Burlington Bees; this game was especially interesting to me as I just saw both teams play the Chiefs last week.

The Bandits won 2-1 in a game that clinched the “first half the season” title for them; hence they will be in the playoffs. As I type this the Chiefs are leading 8-2 against Cedar Rapids in Iowa; if they win they will lock up a wild card playoff spot at the end of the season.

Now back to my trip: the game itself was tight pitcher’s duel. Both teams scored in the first inning; Burlingon benefited from a walk followed by an error on a pick off attempt; that put the lead off runner on 3’rd and a single brought him home. The Bandit starting pitcher struggled with control (4 walks in the first two innings) but the first relief pitcher was very strong.

A double in the 3’rd inning drove home the winning run; it was 2-1 then and that is how it stayed. The pitchers controlled things the rest of the way.

There was an interesting thing: in the 5’th inning, there was a delay because the fire alarm went off. So we had to exit the stadium; it turns out that a pipe for a fire system fire but extra water.

The stadium: it is along the river; very scenic. And there is a carnival ride next to the stadium, along with a Ferris wheel behind the berm in left field. There are several seating sections, including bleachers, ordinary chair seating, club seating and a special section called “dugout” (super close, walled off, bigger chairs, more leg room, and right on the field. However, the visiting team “on deck” batter will block some of your view.

It is fancier than Dozer…and “right next to the stadium” parking is only 2 dollars. Really.

This has a few photos of the stadium (not just me)

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Torii Hunter Jr.

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the view of the action

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Fire alarm! Seriously. Play is halted.

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Burlington Bees team…fire alarm halts play.

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Ferris wheel in left field.

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Readjustment of attitude

It was hot again. It was 79 F, 80 percent humidity when I started (close to 9 am, due to a late night) and 87 F, 71 percent humidity when I finished. Whew!
What I did: first 3.37 mile walk on the bike path/sidewalk at 15:30 mpm (went out at 16:15, came back under 15 trying to go a little less slowly) and then I stopped, wondering if I were too tired to do the rest.

I decided to try..and yes, I scaled back the effort. And yes, the rest of the walk (right around 7 miles) was fine..took a long time though. The lower loop of Forest Park Nature Center took about 1:16 (by time of day). There are 5 good uphill sections and several smaller inclines that I don’t notice unless I am fatigued. Today I noticed them. 🙂

One hiker joked that I should be running the hills…I just smiled and said “no, not today..nah nah nah nah…I killed myself yesterday” and he laughed. I was wearing the Steamboat t-shirt.

And that is the deal: I CAN move when it is hot and I am a bit tired…IF I adjust the effort accordingly.

My plan for the fall: do some slow 20 mile walks (5:20-5:30) and do some half marathon length walks in the 3-3:15 range (aiming to do these as effortlessly as possible) and aim for the Quad Cities in September….and drop down if it is another burning hot day. Climate change is playing havoc with my plans..though after looking up history..last year was unusually brutal, even by the standards of the past few years.

Steamboat photos from yesterday

Looking back, I wish I had just lined up at the 13 minutes per mile sign and walked from the get-go. Couda-wouda-shouda.

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