The end of my baseball seasons, 1970 and 1974

We lived on Ellsworth Air Force Base, near Rapid City, South Dakota in 1970. I tried out for the little league baseball team with hopes of making a minor league team (9-10 year olds, major was for 11-12 year olds). Each major league team could pick one 10 year old, and I was chosen, due to my size.

And…I sucked. I was mostly a bench player though I did see game action from time to time.

We won our league and played in a 4 team “tournament of champions” versus the other league champions.

And I remember the final game of the tournament. I was put into left field and, in the final inning, the other team hit a short fly ball toward me. I raced in..not being able to decide to race in for the catch and out, or to play it safe and take it on one hop. I blew it..I was indecisive and the ball skipped past me and rolled to the wall. I got it and made the throw but the other team scored the go ahead run.

But we had one more at bat…and I came up…with 2 outs and a runner on base. And…I promptly grounded out to lose the game.

All those years and I still remember that game.

Ok, my final organized game was in pony league, 1974 (13-14 year olds). My last at bat..I hit a hard ground ball that popped over the second baseman’s head for a single..I drove in a run and made it to second as the other team threw for the runner who scored. It was the last inning and we were still down by 1 (2 outs) and our coach put in a pinch runner for me (much faster guy). I approved of the move (as did my dad) but my teammates complained….I said “hey, X is faster than I am”. Response: “yes but X is an least you know WHEN to run”.

Oh we lost that one too.

Ah good times.

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Yelling F-Trump…

The twitter discussion here is..well, interesting.

It is “oh no, saying “F-Trump” won’t make our case more appealing! And no it won’t, but the person saying it is an entertainer. And yes, those cheering are those who would hate Trump anyway.

But look at some of the comments:

“we have to fight” (uh, yelling curse words isn’t exactly fighting)

“look at the ovation” (yeah, but within that group…)

“it feels good” (ok, I buy that one)…

Bottom line: yeah, some are going to be butthurt over this, but those will never be with us anyway.

IMHO, this means …well…nothing, either way.

Rant: Democrats will always have a tougher time of things. Reason: so many of our causes benefit (or are aimed at benefiting) people who do not vote:

refugees, legal and illegal immigrants, convicted criminals and public aid recipients (ok, some of the poor vote, but not in large numbers). Appeals to the heart are tough political sells; appeals to one’s own well being are political winners.

Oh yes, wait, you might say: “don’t lower middle class and poor white Republican voters benefit from liberal policies?” Sure…but many, I think, vote their aspirations and not their reality.
Example: you say D’s are for expanding Medicaid and raising the minimum wage. True, but who wants to BE on Medicaid or to be stuck in a minimum wage job for very long? Accepting that is your reality is pretty grim.

Think about it: which message has more appeal:

1. We are doing things to help the lower and lower middle classes and these will benefit YOU right now?

2. You are a winner..or would be one if only that stupid government would get out of the way and quit over taxing your hard earned salary and giving it to lazy poor people…”Them”.

Accepting “1” means accepting the reality that you are probably destined to stay where you are; “2” means that you have some hope of moving up.

workout notes easy 3 mile run in Bradley Park (heavy legged, just a bit) and a 1 mile walk.

Past: the one showing the 1:35 was from the 2000 Madison Half Marathon. The other one: was taken a few weeks earlier in Ottawa, Canada. I had done a 44 minute 10K on Saturday night and did the half marathon on Sunday morning just to see the course (the marathon was two loops; half was only one). I ran a 1:42. I tried to hold off the guy in black behind me but could not. He shook my hand and said “sir, you did very well FOR YOUR AGE”. I just said “thank you” and did not tell him about the 10K the night before.

And…let’s just say that I almost certainly won’t run 1:35 for Saturday’s 15K (about 4 miles shorter than a half marathon) and will be lucky to “run” 1:42. Sigh…

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North Korean Summit

Quick take (I still have to read the various articles)

1. I am glad that we are talking. The status quo sucked.
2. I did not like Trump’s ridiculous praise of a ruthless, utterly brutal dictator. Yes, I know; in WW2 we worked with Stalin to defeat the Axis. But I wish Trump would have been the type to have studied that; how to work with a brutal person without lavishing them with praise.

3. I wonder what we got out of it..I know that we agreed to not do the joint exercises with South Korea. I have to make up my mind about that, but this does mesh with Trump’s isolationist tendencies.

4. And Trump claiming that this means peace with North Korea and that they are going to be denuclearized: is way too soon to be dancing in the end zone. It is a first step.

Yes, it is an important first step, but that it all that it was.

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