The athletic struggle continues

It seems as if every few years, I hit a sports low…only to rebound a bit…then sink again.

I am having trouble getting out of this particular low; in part it is caused by weight gain. I was 199.1 this morning, before running.

I really want to be 10-15 lbs. lighter but lose no upper body strength. Is that possible?

Today: I started my “Steamboat 15K taper” and did the following:

treadmill: 5 minutes at 5.2, 3 at 5.3, 2 at 5.4 (11:16 mile 1), 5 at 6.1, 5 at 6.2 (21:03 for 2) then 10 at 6.7 (29:56 for 3); walked to 3.1 then walked 2 miles outside.

18:40 for 2 miles was the main set (or about 2.14 in 20 minutes). It was enough.

Yesterday, before yoga class, I tried “shoulder stand” while keeping my legs vertical. That lead to huge cramping in my abdominal muscles. I also need to review crow pose.

Forecast for Saturday: dreadfully hot. Typical Steamboat weather. I can see why this race is dwindling.

June 12, 2018 - Posted by | running, yoga

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