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Stayed up too late after last night’s Chiefs game (they beat Quad Cities 5-1 behind some fine pitching and fielding)

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Chiefs game; beautiful weather.

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Toward the end of Peoria's 5-1 over Quad Cities.

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So I didn’t get started with my walk until almost 9 am. Temperatures: 70 F, with 81 percent humidity at the start, 82 F with 62 percent humidity at the finish. Needless, my walk wasn’t very fast: 10.4 miles in 2:52 (16:33 pace) but it featured the 10 hills on the two 3 mile out and back segments, then 2 hills on one Cornstalk loop (1.4) and 2 more on a mini .93 mile loop. That is 14 all together. And, to be fair, the hills never felt that bad.

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The Republicans and Conservatives are shaking in their boots!

That’s right: a few vocal, noxious celebrities will lose their shows, others will be “destroyed by just one tweet”, “twitter will erupt” or “take down” or “will have none of it”, and there will be lots of “resist” hashtags! Oh yeah, some will put on pussy hats and march…well, wait..that insults women who don’t have pussies.

Bill Maher sums up much of my frustration.

Remember: “Don’t boo: vote”. (Yes, my friends vote).

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