Tribalism. compartmentalizing and wokesplaining

I have a few Republican friends. One of them is a work colleague who is known for being very careful in what he says. When he reads something, he reads what is there and not what “should be there”. He writes in much the same way. Needless to say, he is an asset to our department.

But every voting season, we cancel each other’s vote.

So when I talk about compartmentalizing friendship, I am probably misusing a word that often is used as a pejorative. This might be because my first use of the word was when I was in the military; there it meant the compartmentalizing of classified information in that you were told what you need to know to do YOUR job but no more.

All of this came to mind when I read this article which claims that we have a tendency to trust the views of the politically like minded, even when someone from a different political tribe might know more about a particular area or subject. A consequence of this is that we might be more wiling to swallow nonsense if it comes from another tribe member rather than to step back and ask yourself “do I really believe this”.

And my tendency to question has gotten me into fights with people who often vote the same way that I do.
Here is a recent example: Morgan Freeman has come under fire when allegations surfaced in the media.

One of my friends responded on Twitter:

Evidently this was too much for a few of my (former) “woke” liberal friends.

Gee: asking for solid evidence prior to convicting the man in the court of public opinion…gasp…not that!

Oh, I was treated to some of the facts about accusations of sexual assault (which is NOT among the allegations made against Morgan Freeman but never mind that) and, of course, the article that was shown to me was:

1. About reports made to law enforcement. Such reports require a huge emotional investment and carry penalties for being deliberately false.
I would think that it is obvious that such reports would be more carefully made than something said to a reporter.

2. This is about sexual violence (e. g. rape) and not about being looked at in a creepy manner or getting your skirt played with (or an attempt). i think that those are very different levels, and the latter might be part of “flirting gone bad”; a misunderstanding (e. g. one person thought it was consensual but it really wasn’t). And yes, I know..things get more complicated when there *might* be a difference in power.

This is not always as clear as it is in my workplace. In my workplace, I keep it completely professional; I like distance between myself and students. Colleagues: even then I try to stay away from pressure situations. Example: when I need someone to cover a class, I try to ask all of the other tenured professors first; I don’t want the non-tenured folks to feel pressured to saying “yes” to an optional favor.

That principal applies doubly to anything remotely relationship related.

Ok, I digressed; my point is that what Mr. Freeman is accused of is nothing like some of the other stuff we’ve seen in the “metoo” related news.

But..point that out..point out that:

1. You want evidence.
2. False accusations of this kind are not really related to false reports submitted to the law enforcement about serious crimes
3. The accused behavior isn’t in the same league as some of the other stuff…

And the “woke” people will “splain” it to you.

I’ll call this “wokesplaining”. And I won’t tolerate it.

A discussion about this on Facebook lead to my blocking a couple of wokesplainers including one who tied my attitude about this to my, well, love of seeing women in yoga pants.

Oh well…time for the gym and some search committee stuff.

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Bipartisan snowflakery

Who are the real snowflakes? The NFL shamefully gave in on the “stand for the National Anthem” issue. Yes, they have the right to put a public decorum feature into the contract and that might be popular with a large subset of NFL fans. But it isn’t popular with all of us, and to me, this is just more “phony patriotism” that we see at sporting events. Seriously, what does watching athletes play a sport have to do with patriotism?

All of this flag waving nonsense won’t keep me from the sports but I admit to rolling my eyes at it all. Yes, I grew up on military bases, and yes, we had the national anthem before just about everything, including movies. And there was the colors going up and then down in the evening. But that was a military base; that was a different situation entirely.

Due process:Yes, women sometimes lie about being sexually assaulted. So, an accusation is not enough. I want to see “due process”, which is appropriate to the level of accusation (e. g. legal, in the event of a charge filed by law enforcement, or an impartial investigation in the case of a workplace complaint, etc.)

What makes these accusations a bit different, at least in the case where there are no charges formally filed, is that there ARE gray areas due to the nature of human interaction.

Workout notes: somewhat warm 5 mile hilly run.

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