Ouch: Bradley Baseball has a rough series with Dallas Baptist

I honestly thought that Bradley would win at least one game of this series. But Dallas Baptist was too strong at the plate.

Yesterday’s game ended 7-3; Bradley threw its best starter and best relief pitcher.. and still DBU had an early 3-0 lead, mostly off of 2 solo home runs in the first two innings. Then came the fateful 6’th inning after Bradley had cut the lead to 3-2. The starter gave up a hit and a walk so the ace reliever came in with 2 on and no out. DBU executed a perfect bunt to load the bases, and with the infield in close, DBU hit a ground ball down the right field line past the “up close” infield..that was a double. A fly out scored another run and it was 6-2.

Though BU cut it to 6-3, in the top of the 9’th, there were two outs when BU made an error on a ground ball. A steal and then a wild pitch moved the runner to 3’rd, where he scored on a single.

Still, down 7-3 in the 9’th, BU loaded the bases but failed to score. Overall, BU stranded 10 runners. Highlight: BU got out of a “bases loaded, no outs” jam by a pretty unassisted double play by the short stop off of a line drive.

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Reliever in action.

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Today: again, DBU’s bats came out blazing; it was 7-0 after 3 innings (3 runs in the first, 4 in the 3’rd). Eventually it went to 9-0 before BU rallied in the bottom of the 8’th, scoring 4, including a 3 run home run. But DBU added 2 insurance runs in the top of the 9’th. I did see one spectacular catch off of the wall by the BU left fielder though.

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11 to 4 Dallas Baptist. Still a good home season.

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So, this isn’t the way Bradley wanted to end their home season, but there is one conference series left and the MVC tournament. DBU plays Missouri State in a series in a battle of the top 2 MVC teams. BU’s conference record is 10-8, with 5 of the losses coming from Missouri State and Dallas Baptist.

Still, it was fun home season and I enjoyed the games.

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Slow Mother’s Day walk

10.6 course (no goose loop), 15:20 pace…all ok with me (2:42).

Along the way, I saw a charming goose family and did NOT get dive bombed by red wing black birds.

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Goose family along the Illinois River

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Yes, it is Mother’s Day.

She spoke Spanish fluently (it was her first language) and helped the Clinton Campaign out in 2008. 2016 would have been heart breaking for her.

She started me on math; she always told me that EVERYTHING involved mathematics and that if I learned it, I could do anything. I remember her cutting up paper to teach me how to add fractions (common denominator) well before I got to first grade.

She was also a realist; when she saw a class graduation photo, she felt a twinge of anguish for some of the pain the young people were going to face.

And there is a sort of long winded story I want to tell.

Way back in 1974, I started for the Yokota High football team as a sophomore ..the only one to start (and only 1 of 2 on the team). We dominated league play and finished undefeated; we shut out our final 4 opponents and had only one game closer than 20 points. So we filled up the “post season all conference team” with “first team” and “honorable mention”. Exactly ONE starter on our team did NOT get post season honors. Guess who?

Frankly, I was hurt and bitter at the time; I saw those I whipped on the field getting those honors. Now there was a good reason; they wanted to spread them some and I was only a sophomore. But I was an immature 15 year old.

Now we were all given a nice black and white team photo..which I neglected to pick up. The coach seemed surprised that I was indifferent to it. My mom told me to pick it up and take care of it…”there will come a time when you’ll look back and think “wasn’t I in good shape…then?” ”

It turns out that she was least in principle. I didn’t hit my physical peak until I was in my early to mid 20’s (in terms of lifting and running” and mid to late 40’s in terms of extreme endurance sports (5K swim, 100 mile walk). But yes, I DO look back on my life and think…”dang, was that really me?”

One other mom story I was a pretty self righteous little shit (ok, one that weighed 200-220 lbs) and my mom caught me saying derogatory things about prostitutes. She tried to explain that I really wasn’t fit to make such harsh judgments..and she knew how to talk to me. She assigned me to read The World of Suzie Wong by Richard give me some insight into a type of life that I never knew firsthand. It helped.

And so, I will continue to miss my mom’s company, our long talks and her wisdom about the ups and downs of life.

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