Dialogue: why?

First, I’d like to recommend an excellent David Frum article about “cultural appropriation”. Yes, that extends to yoga classes and food. Really.

Ok, here is another article about “white women using tears to escape accountability”. I can’t disagree with the article.

Now to my larger point. Ok, I am talking about Twitter.

This person has yet to block my account:

(context: this is in regards to the New York Attorney General..or rather, the former one, who resigned due to sexual abuse allegations. Note: when someone is this much of a zealot for an issue, “reaction formation” alarm bells go off in my head, but I digress)

Now to this tweet, at first I thought “what? This isn’t going to get anyone to listen”. Then it came to me: she was tweeting for her followers and not for the public at large. This is probably some sort of “rally around, group cohesion” sort of thing. it really isn’t intended to change anyone’s mind or open anyone up to a new idea.

And, there was a discussion about professors complaining about this being the time of year when “lots of grandparents die”. Yes, many students lie to get out of things (or to get more time) though sometimes, it really did happen. I usually apologetically refer them to Student Support Services ..acknowledging that they could be telling the truth but I have to verify because some DO lie.

Then I went a bit medieval on my academic account, slamming the sanctimonious finger wagging critics who tried to tell us that such discussion and joking “needs to die” because of…well, whatever. And I said that I would block such critics “on the spot”. Well, that got ME blocked (at least on that account…) and blocked by someone that I was not talking directly to. No biggie…twitter is for the user and why associate with those you find unpleasant on your own time?

But here is what I was blocked from seeing:

Evidently he just wanted an audience to preach to and one that would not push back. 🙂 And I think that is often the case of those who would, ahem …”boldly” ..uh…”speak truth to power”. They want a captive audience that won’t push back and perhaps that is what makes this current generation of snowflakes a bit different from previous generations…

When they aren’t greeted with approval, they get their feelings hurt!

So, here are a couple of unsolicited pro-tips:

1. Protest isn’t bold unless there is a real possibility of unpleasant pushback…are you willing to pay that price?
2. And it helps to, you know..actually KNOW “the truth” before you deign to “speak it to power” and in the instances I’ve seen..they don’t. They know that they feel bad about something but that is about it.
Note: I am not saying that they are always wrong; they aren’t. But many times, when they are on the “right side”, they don’t understand WHY they are on the right side of an issue.

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The honesty of sports (one attraction)

I was reading the track and field Facebook page and one young man (22 years old) asked the following question: “I run a 58 second 400 meter right now…is it possible for me to run 46/47 seconds a year from now?”

The responses could be summed up as follows: “well, if that 58 seconds came after no training, then, it is POSSIBLE but unlikely. If you’ve trained to get that 58, then “no”, it is all but impossible to ever reach that kind of time. How about aiming for 52 and being happy with each new PR?”

And THAT is the kind of honesty that is all-too-absent from outside of sports circles…you see students with ACT scores in the teens admitted to engineering programs, students who literally cannot add fractions admitted to computer science programs, etc. ..and then said programs are chastised for having high dropout rates! Sure, every once in a while the unlikely does happen but that is the extreme exception, not the rule.

My being a head case Today I shuffled my 5 mile course, running the uphills as hard as I could and walk/jogging in between. My goal was to run each hill hard enough to HAVE to walk when I got to the top. I finished the workout with a 1 mile jog and I felt reasonably good afterward.

But usually one of two things happen after a workout:

1. I feel tired, exhausted…and I complain that I am out of shape.
2. I feel good, and then feel guilty that I didn’t push myself hard enough…I feel as if I’ve gone soft, mentally and emotionally.

Talk about being a head case…

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How they see us…

This is a reasonably accurate view of how many Republicans view us. So I will discuss these, one by one. And yes, I will be speaking for myself. And yes, one each of these points, save perhaps the last one (no, abortion is NOT murder) and the one about “persecuting Christians” (no sane American wants anything resembling “persecution”) you will find at least a few liberals that the points apply to..and yes, some really do not believe in prisons, at all.

Let illegals in: this one is interesting. If you dig deep enough, it is certain INDUSTRIES that want illegal immigrants; they can get away of paying their workers less AND being a bit harsher. What you are seeing from liberals is that we want a realistic solution for those who are already here; you just aren’t going to bus them all back. And many of us take..yep..Ronald Reagan positions.

Remember that Republicans used to speak THIS way:

Yes, there are a few “people have the right to go anywhere in the world they want to go, regardless of borders” liberals; you can find them. But they aren’t mainstream.

Let criminals out Yes, there are a few (very few) who believe in no prisons at all. But what most of us want is more equitable criminal justice (e. g. not jailing people for years over marijuana, more even sentencing, more leeway for judges to use individual judgment in cases, etc. But we don’t want dangerous criminals in our neighborhoods any more than Republicans do.

coddle the lazy Ok, this might have a bit of truth in it for more (but by no means all) liberals. There are many who make excuses for any behavior (like this). But many of us take a somewhat more nuanced view.

First of all, there are people who genuinely need it (even conservatives accept this). And there is a balances between making the program usable and efficient and putting in so many “catch the slackers” checks that the programs either become unusable or more expensive than necessary (e. g. drug tests for welfare).

There is also research which shows that some types of welfare (for kids) leads to kids being LESS likely to need it when they become adults. It also provides some “bottom up” stimulus to the economy.

So…I see it as a nuanced situation with benefits and some potential harms (yes, dependency is real)

And yes, some who are now perpetually dependent have a lifetime of stupid, irresponsible decisions. Of course, most who have ever used welfare are not chronically dependent on it.

persecute Christians Ok, while it is true that many liberals do not accept that any religion should dictate what the rest of us should do, to think that there is anything above a crackpot level of support for a genuine persecution of Christians is absurd. And no, saying that others shouldn’t be a captive audience to your prayers at a public event is hardly “persecution” Calling creationism a discredited crackpot theory is not persecution.

demonize police officers Ok, you can find a few liberals who do. Yes, there have been outrageous chants directed at police at some BLM rallies. But what MOST of us want is more equitable law enforcement: for people to not be singled out because of their race. You’d think that wanting people to be judged for what THEY actually do rather than what some who might share a skin tone with them do is, well, a deeply conservative idea.

Here is a REPUBLICAN talking about the matter; I think that he gets it right.

let boys in Girl’s bathrooms This is so new, and yes, when there is an underdog group that is being attacked, liberals tend to rally around. But this is a seriously complicated issue. And we have to ask ourselves: why do we want sex specific bathrooms? Once we can answer that question, then we can move further.

And yes, IMHO, something like bathrooms are different than, say, locker rooms..many biological females would not be comfortable seeing “transwomen with male genitals”.

tolerate and accept radial Islam This is where there is a mixture of dishonesty and misunderstanding on both sides. Yes, many liberals are too reluctant to call out the excesses of Islamic states and the noxious, bigoted, and religiously approved actions from some Muslim communities around the world. And some of the ones to call liberals to task over this are, well, other liberals.

On the other hand, I’d assume that most US Muslims are here because they want a society where there IS freedom. And, no Republicans: my saying that US Muslims should have the same rights to build mosques that Christians have to build churches does not mean that I support ISIS. PS: US conservatives have a great deal more in common with conservative Muslims than I do…women’s rights, gay rights, etc.

advocate for the murder of the unborn As long as you conflate abortion with murder, we may as well not even talk. To conflate the two is absurd.

Workout notes weights and a fun 2 mile walk.

weights: usual PT, pull ups (4 sets of 10, one 5-5, these were rough), bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185, 7 x 175, incline: 10 x 135, military: 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 20 x 40 standing dumbbell, 3 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer, usual PT, 2:30 of plank still sucked…evening: yoga with Ms. V was especially good.

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