Progress: local, and non-linear

After having a few “I feel great” days, I had a more typical one. It happens. But the old injuries don’t hurt so that is good.

I was amused when I read about someone’s joy about getting stronger in running. Her feat, while not very good (she has done much better in the past), was an improvement from where she had been recently. And I “get” it; I really do.

So, I am someone who enjoys the workout posts, be they good (they uplift me) or bad (hey, I am not the only one who has a bad workout from time to time).

Workout notes: weights plus an easy 2 mile walk outdoors.
weights: usual PT
pull ups: 3 sets of 10, one 5-5, one 10 (not as good as Monday)
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 180 (getting there; no pain in the left shoulder but still being oh-so-careful)
incline press: 10 x 140
military (standing, dumbbell) 10 x 50, 15 x 45, 20 x 40
Hammer rows: 10 x 200
usual abs; headstand was easy
The 2:30 plank: I reeeeally wanted to skip this one today. Really.

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What to read; what to skip

Obviously, one doesn’t have the time to read everything that they see a headline for. And yes, much of what I see written online is absolute garbage; it seems as if people have made up their minds about what they think *must* be true and look for ways to advocate for their point of view rather than to examine all relevant evidence; anything that might diminish their point is deliberately ignored or not even considered.

I wonder if this is a product of modern “education” or just the nature of modern online publications: articles that attempt to look at an issue with any nuance are simply not that popular. Perhaps that people just read to get their viewpoint reinforced.

So, what do I decide to read and what to skip? Well, for one, if the article is from a source that has a high percentage of sloppy, shallow articles, I skip (e. g. Salon, The Nation, Breitbart, Newsmax).

Also the use of commands and buzzwords in a headline puts the article on my “skip” list (e. g. Why we MUST talk about misogyny NOW, Dear White People.., Why we HAVE TO talk about White privilege…This HAS TO

Yeah, I skip right wing stuff as it is almost always awful.

Twitter: yeah, it is dreadful. I read it for the articles (often Washington Post and New York Times articles are good; Vox, while shallow, isn’t that bad, and once in a while Slate is ok). But mostly, it is people ranting insults. I am making a pledge to NOT respond unless I can do so politely.

And I use it to follow is fun to get stats at a game.

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