not there yet but…

Interesting workout today (by my current standards). I started out with 4 treadmill miles: 2 minute Froggy for 10 minutes (5.1-5.5), then 6.7 to 1.0 miles (11:06), then 6.8-7.1 to 2 miles (19:50), then walk .25 miles, then resume 5.1-5.6 to 42:50 for 4.

Weight: 200.1 before running, 197.4 after..I really did work up a sweat.

Stretch, then walk 4 more miles (most with Ms. Vickie); she got a phone call and so I took off at a marathon walk-ish pace and left her for a bit and it felt very the time. I we rejoined at a social pace (4 total) But afterward..the foot felt the faster paced walking. Running bothers it far less. So I am icing it. And THAT is what will take a long time to come back.

It might be the case that I’ll have to “walk/jog” my 2018 marathon instead of just walking hard.

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Every negative stereotype of a liberal arts professor….

Oh boy…when higher education is under fire…and she has to bring attention to herself…

No, she doesn’t have Ph. D. according to this source:

Jarrar studied creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College, receiving a master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and a master’s of fine art from the University of Michigan.

But she did have a critically acclaimed book and has written for respectable outlets. I suppose that sometimes people who are “productive in print” are eccentric in other ways.

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