Peoria Chiefs win a rain/snow double header

Workout notes: yesterday, 8 mile walk (convoluted course); sort of damp. The weather was to get worse. Time: 2:17..easy pace; no heel pain at all.

This morning: walked through some crunchy “soft ice” to get to the gym. Weights plus a 2 mile hill walk on the treadmill.

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April 16?

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weights: usual pt, pull ups (5 sets of 10 done slowly), bench: 10 x 135, 7 x 160 pain free but cautious, 10 x 135 incline, military: standing dumbbell: 10 x 50, 15 x 45, 20 x 40. rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine.
Usual abs (2:30 plank; headstand: had to focus).

walk: started at 3.8 mph worked up 1.0-5.0 every 3 minutes then stayed at 5; sped up to finish 29:38 for 2 miles. Was not into the bike at all.

Yesterday: snowy baseball. It was gray..drizzled, rained then snowed toward the end of the double header. So I sat for most of the fist game; walked around for the second game.

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Coffee! It took Carmen long enough to get it.

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It was snowing. Really.

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I wore: thermal underwear tops and bottom, rain pants over my regular pants, long sleeve, sweat shirt, vest, rain jacket and STILL got a little bit cold.

Oh the game: actually, an exciting double header. In the first the Chiefs took a 3-0 lead, getting back to back home runs in the 3’d. Wisconsin stormed back to tie it at 3 going into the final inning, but in the bottom of the 7’th the Chiefs scored off a bad throw on a ground ball (should have been an out, I think).

The second: the teams traded runs in the first, then the pitchers dominated. Still the Chiefs had their chances to take leads. They stranded two runners on base twice AND hit into a double play with the bases loaded and 1 out.

So it was 1-1 going into the bottom of the 7’th (and yes, it was snowing). The Timber Rattlers put in a relief pitcher who retired the first two batters, BUT both were long fly balls to center field where the center fielder made excellent plays. The third well hit ball fell for a single, then a double drove him home, ending the sweep.

They recorded attendance as 1340 in the box score, but there were maybe 40-50 people in the lower part..a few in the upper deck boxes..probably no more than 100.

But others have it worse. The Timber Rattlers are staying here and playing Kane County here on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (night game on Tuesday) and the weather should be decent. I’ll be working during the day games on Wednesday and Thursday.


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