Feeling much better

I don’t know what I had…but I appear to be all but over it.

I was going to lift and do something else but I saw some swimming lanes were open so I swam.

600 easy (sort-of races a nice looking woman), 12 x 50 fist/free on the 1:05 (subpar; 55 each), 100 back, 100 breast, 100 drill/swim, 200 (3:36), 100 back, 200 (3:40), 100 back 100 IM (less than stellar)

Then an easy 3 mile walk; saw the aftermath of a 5K (taking down the course). heel: slightly sore at first but felt fine later.

weight: 199 before swimming, 197.8 after.

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Campus free speech

Here are two somewhat different takes on the matter:

Why Evolution is True

Lawyers, Guns and Money.

My thoughts on the matter:

1. The First Amendment applies to what the government does and really doesn’t apply to, say a private school (say, a religious school can withdraw an invitation to, say, Richard Dawkins). And, of course, the First Amendment does not guarantee a polite, friendly audience.

2. But there is still the principle of free speech on a college campus, and just because the government doesn’t guarantee something does not mean that I can’t advocate for an enforceable policy toward official outside speakers.

3. And again, I am talking about speakers that were invited on campus to speak at a voluntary event, in say, a specific room. I am NOT talking about people being entitled to a polite audience in a public square:

4. Now about a speaker that an official, sanctioned campus group invited to speak at their gathering: of course, other groups are free to ridicule the group from inviting that speaker (say, the biology club inviting a creationist) or to persuade them to make a different invitation, so long as it is done in a legal manner.

5. But once the speaker has been invited, people really don’t have some moral right to show up and shout the speaker down or disrupt the speech. Seriously: who are YOU to tell me what is fit for me to hear? People go to the talk to listen to the invited speaker, not to listen to the uninvited people; they are not entitled to a captive audience. They are free, of course, to hold their own counter event. And you want to talk about being offensive: who are THEY to tell me what I am allowed to listen to?

6. I find the liberal campus snowflakes to be very annoying and while I think that the schools tolerating their antics is actually hurting them in the long run (do you want these easily triggered snowflakes representing YOU in court? I don’t! I’d rather have someone that can make a sound case on my behalf!) But, to be brutally honest, right wing political correctness has much more money and power behind it; for example, a super rich donor can influence who a school hires, what they research (think: climate science, etc.).

So I don’t want to over stress left wing misbehavior (which is real, harmful, and embarrassing) because right wing misbehavior can cause far more damage in the long run. I realize that might not be true in other countries, but it appears to be true in the US. There seems to be an “paradigm” of “hey, if he is rich, he really must know it all”; I feel that extreme wealth is an overvalued credential.

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