We looooove being victims

Billionaires. Right wingers. Left wingers.

What they have in common: they are all “victims”. I wondered about what is going on and reading the book Political Animals by Rick Shenkman gave me some ideas.

One of the ideas is about political anger: such anger can be useful and justified when it is used by some honestly oppressed group (think: blacks during the civil rights era) fighting to get the same rights that everyone else has. But it can be toxic and dangerous when it is used to “punch down” by groups that honestly are NOT being oppressed.

Now, of course, the lamebrain activists see this as justification to shout down speech that they don’t like, even if it is a talk that no one is forced to go to.
That is NOT “rebellion” or “civil disobedience” but rather shouting down ideas that you don’t like.

Illness note Not nearly 100 percent, but I am starting to sweat. Forget working out; my target date to return is Monday.

March 9, 2018 - Posted by | politics/social, social/political |

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