I got it…

Ok, here is my timeline.

Yesterday: great workout in the morning, no ill effects. Afternoon: slight nausea; nothing that unusual.
Evening: felt a bit nauseated during yoga class; as if I had eaten something bad. BUT, I felt very chilled; I asked others if the room was cold and NO ONE said that it was; if anything, it was warm for most.

I get home, go to bed at 8:30 pm; can’t eat anything.

Sleep well past 6 am; lay in bed most of the day. Body aches: I feel as if I had been beaten by a rubber hose. No cough, no congestion. Just aches, slight nausea, fatigue, no appetite. I should be good to go by next Thursday (trip to Cleveland planned).

Update: TMI (loose bowels came on later in the day). Still feeling weak, achy, etc.

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