Working my way back…

Last day of freedom..I’ll watch the MVC game on TV and then do some academic stuff (some of it useful; some is “necessary bullshit..that happens when you have “shared governance”

Morning workout: just under 3 hours total time:

Swim: 1000 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 100 back, 100 breast, 4 x (100 pull, 100 free). This was mostly untimed; I used the pace clock to keep track of laps; that’s it. 2200 yards total (1.25 miles, or 2000 meters)

bike: 12.4 miles in 46:15. Started VERY slowly; 5 minutes for the first mile, 10 minutes for the first 2.5 miles or so. Stretched the foot (tight and sore)

walk: about 5K outside; too sunny and pretty not to (high 30’s, a bit breezy). Some stiffness and soreness but then at about mile 2 it went away; almost “one final cramp then done” as I did a bit on the grass).

You might call this my “I goat this” triathlon. LOL… working my way back from this will take a while.

Weight: 201.5 before swimming, 199.8 after (first under 200 in a while; I like the trend).

And the wife returns tomorrow….just as I got my “without her” routine down. No more “storing clean laundry in the dryer”. Sigh…

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Underestimating the long workout’s effect on my mood

Sunday (or Saturday) has often meant “go long”; 3-5 hours of running or walking (or some of each). I can’t do that right now due to my heel (I feel it just a seems to be tolerating what I am currently doing though).

In the past it has meant a long swim (3000 -5500 yards). But that won’t happen tomorrow as I have not built up to that yet; I am hoping for 2200.

So, while I can mix and match workouts (example: 40 minutes of lifting, 1:05 of cycling, 50 minutes of walking) it isn’t the same as that long, steady effort and the brain chemicals aren’t there.

Hence the “sort-of-funk” I am in..just a bit. Oh, the weather is now sunny and I’ve done many fun activities that I’ve very much enjoyed. But I am not getting those endorphins.

I do have some mundane tasks to do tomorrow though.

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Now about MY vacation (February-March 2018)

I do this from time to time when my wife leaves on her 3-4 week trips (winter 2016, summer 2017)

So, I’ll do it this time too. I have more to say about my mental state; it is a bit funky, I think due to being unable to do long workouts (running/walking or swimming; more on that in the next post).

11 Feb. (Sunday) partner yoga with VC
13 Feb. partner yoga with VC plus dinner
14 Feb. dinner and BB game with VC
16 Feb. dinner with AG
17 Feb. dinner with TH
18 Feb. BB solo
19 Feb. Dem Dinner with MT
23 Feb. dinner with AG
24 Feb. dinner and BB with TH
25 Feb. partner yoga and lunch with VC
1 Mar. drinks with LD, VC and LK
2 Mar. dinner and concert with VC
3 Mar. bball with VC and sister

Now about today’s Bradley game: ISU overpowered Bradley 53-41 though BU lead at the half. When ISU made their run in the second half, BU repeatedly turned the ball over and fell apart.
Bradley won by 20 in the first meeting, but the teams have done in different directions since then; BU lost 12 of their final 15 games (all in conference) after winning their first 3 conference games on the road.

The men came back valiantly but lost to Loyola in St. Louis (and Illinois State won in overtime vs. Southern; I’ll be cheering for them tomorrow).

It is hard to win when you only score 41 (that was the final total)

Vickie and her sister Linda went to the game with me; it was FUN.

It was senior day; wish they could have been sent out with a win. But there is the tournament and ..well..if only our team could develop the confidence to not fall apart the first time the opposition makes a run and makes few shots. They *should* win their opener. Should. But then…

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