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Ok, the heel is not remotely well enough for me to start training again, but I am getting to the point where I forget to take my Naproxen and that is a good sign. I used running shoes, conventional orthotics and Sorbothane heel pads and walked 4 miles..I started my usual course and as I started to go around the lower Bradley Park loop I decided to turn around and make it my usual 5K course. But by the time I made up the hill to upper Bradley Park to Parkside, I felt good enough to go down the hill again and add another mile. That is a good sign.

Still and mild burn at first..did NOT like the concrete on the college campus and sidewalk at first, and did not like the DOWNHILL at first. It was “ok” with conventional asphalt road and with uphill. And it felt fine 30-40 minutes into it. Will I pay a price later today?

I deferred the weight workout to post swimming tomorrow morning; I should have a nice, long 3 hour swim/weight/bike workout tomorrow.

Socially I had a real treat last night:

You’ve seen two of these three ladies elsewhere on this blog..several times. Vickie and Linda (seated to Lynn’s right) are long time college friends. I met both of them AND Lynn at Vickie’s yoga class back in 2003.

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