Ok I am going to “win” this…(maybe)

Right now, I am feeling pretty good, but at last night’s yoga class “one legged down dog” hurt my left heel (it was tight and painful to stretch).

So, for now: it feels its best when I wear the shower sandals (pictured above). I wear Brooks Beasts with Sorbothane pads (and no orthotics..mine are hard plastic with a Spenco pad) and when I try to walk (not this past Sunday) and during my last few runs, I ran in a stability shoe with my orthotics and heel pads.

But neither shoe, pad, “orthotic/no orthotic” cradles my heel the way my shower shoes do. And the shower shoes felt good when I wore them from the locker room to the pool too….it wasn’t just that we have wooden floors at home.

So I’ll try both the heel cups and the special “cradling” orthotic to see if they help; to “my eye” they appear to look like the footbed of my shower shoes.

And yes, I’ll still do the basic stretches.

Workout notes:

2000 swim (1.8 km) 700 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 200 drill/swim, 3 x 200 on the 4 (3:29, 3:29, 3:32), 2 x 50 on the 1 (54, 54) 100 with Jason (almost), 100 cool down.
then 35:11 on the elliptical trainer (4 miles); I noticed nothing for the first 18-20 minutes, then a mild sensation for a bit after that when I lowered the rap; “10” appears to be the best.

Note: last night Ms. Vickie set me up. When I came in for yoga class, she told me that her class had did plank for 5 minutes and that I was to blame. I was wide eyed…I start shaking a bit at 2 minutes.
They later admitted that she was pulling my leg and that her strength class was in on the joke.

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Uh oh…

Heel progress: doing into single legged down dog on the injured foot hurt..and it hurt exactly where classic PF hurts. That is probably what it is.

Other than that, yoga was fine.

Note to the visitor: this is only of interest to me; I keep track of these things in case they happen again..and I can see what worked and what did not.

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