Ok, we have ANOTHER mass shooting at school …and nothing will change.

Oh, I’ve read this before. Yes, we’ll hear “we need to bring GOD back” (nonsense). I am seeing the calls for “armed teachers” (uh, no: the personality and skill set to be a good teacher doesn’t coincide with being a well trained, competent armed guard). I wrote about this 6 years ago.

And yes, our kids are far more likely to die in car accidents, more likely to die of suicide and more likely to die in an ordinary shooting than one of the well known mass shootings.

And yes, shootings are going DOWN, not up (per capita) though suicides (gun related) have gone up.

This video is pretty good (7 minutes) and it talks about how the problems are different (suicide, gang violence, mass shootings)

February 15, 2018 - Posted by | political/social, social/political |

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