I won’t be dishonest to get along with you…

This Andrew Sullivan piece on tribalism (and how it leads Republicans to ignore attacks on our longstanding institutions) made me think.

Yes, in this case, Republicans, including those who would NOT tolerate incompetence in their own businesses, have turned a blind eye to incompetence in the Trump administration. And, as time goes on, that could eventually hurt us..especially if we run into a crisis.

During “normal times”, we have enough momentum as a country to coast a bit.

So, am *I* tribal? Of course, though, like many, I am not so sure that my tribe falls neatly into “liberal/conservative”. Sure, I am more liberal than most Americans but I am more willing to go against current liberal orthodoxy when the data, as I see it, warrants it.

I am not going to say that I believe something when, in fact, I don’t (though hopefully I’ll change my erroneous beliefs when the evidence warrants it).

One area where I disagree sharply with some liberals: free speech. Yes, I know; the law talks about government censorship of speech. But I think that, as a general principle, campuses should tread carefully too, even if they are well within the bounds of law. Jerry Coyne’s op-ed in the Chicago Tribune is excellent.

Too many think that THEY should determine what the rest of us should be able to hear and have no problem shouting down those whose views they do not like.

And yes, on intellectual grounds, not all views have equal value.

Let me explain it this way: if some campus Bible beater group wanted to sponsor a creationist speaker, I would not attempt to get them disinvited.

But if some science professor tried to teach creationism as a valid science theory in the classroom, I’d want that professor fired for incompetence (it would be fine to teach creationism as, say, part of a “myths of the world” course.)

Workout notes: heel still hurts a bit, but it feels best when wearing shower shoes. So I went to school in my “Brooks Beasts” sand my hard orthotics.

It feels better.

weights only: usual pt, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench: 10 x 135, 7 x 185 (good), 8 x 175
incline: 10 x 135, military: barbell 6 x 95, 10 x 85, dumbbell (standing) 10 x 50. Rows: 2 sets of 10 x 60 each arm, 10 x 200 hammer.
goblet squats to the windowsill: 10 x 53, 10 x 62
abs: 48 twist crunches (24 each side) 12 yoga leg lifts, moving bridge, headstand (tough to get into but got it done), side planks, 2 minute front plank (tough for me)

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