Time for new shoes…and my gait has changed!

I decided to get some new shoes; one pair for walking, one for running and one to teach in (I spend some time on my feet; I stand when I teach).

In the process: I found that my arches have returned and that my “shuffling” gait ..has taken much of my pronation out of my gait. I used to crush my shoes to the inside..that was true even as of 22-23 years ago.

Things do change with time.

Today: gads, perfect weather but I couldn’t manage much of a run, (between 6 miles on Thursday and squats yesterday). So I jogged about 2 miles (with one walk break) and then walked the rest of this course.

I went around the goose loop; I could get no speed going on the way back.

Note: on the way out, during my jogging stretch, I got passed a couple of times by bespandexed had a very ample behind. Then again, I was shuffling about 12 mpm and maybe she was doing 10 mpm?

Gads…I’ve gotten so f****ng slow it is downright embarrassing.

January 27, 2018 - Posted by | running, walking

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