The D’s did reasonably well

I think it is important to remember that, aside from the possibility of filibustering, the D’s control NOTHING. So I agree with Paul Krugman:

And now Sen. Schumer has taken the wall funding off of the table.

And now we can either have a vote on DACA or call out Sen. McConnell as a liar who does not negotiate in good faith.

But: WE NEED TO WIN A CHAMBER in 2018. The gerrymandering ruling in Pennsylvania will help.

Personal: yin/yang. Last night I was the only one who showed up for yoga, so my teacher gave me a routine which was specific to me. My legs feel great; best they’ve felt in a while. BUT while I love the extra attention, if we can’t more people to class, it will fold.

Workout notes: I decided to go outside in mid 30’s weather (gray, damp pavement, but no rain) and walk deliberately for 10K. It went fine. Aside from one screeching walker (woman singing to her music as she walked…if you can call that “singing”) I had the park mostly to myself.

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