Felt better…maybe there is a reason

This was not one of my best workouts but it wasn’t bad. I wonder if not eating breakfast first (a small one) helps?

usual pt
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (went well..)
bench: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 5 x 185 (slightly disappointing..I felt stronger than that)
incline: 10 x 145 (good hips)
military: dumbbell, 2 sets of 10 x 50 standing, 1 set of 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 each arm, 10 x 110 machine

abs: 24 twist crunches (48 total; 24 each side), 10 yoga leg lifts, 90 seconds plank
treadmill 22:28 for 2 miles (11:40, 10:48) acceleration

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When the left parodies itself…

I read a Facebook post about a lawyer who worked pro-bono on LGTQ issues who was catching heat for wearing a pussy hat…you see it isn’t inclusive enough because….some women don’t have vaginas (ok? )

And sure enough, the person writing that post wasn’t kidding.

Oh my…and we wonder why we aren’t taken seriously.

And I saw this cartoon:

Ok, surely the cartoonist is exaggerating…right?

Uh, no…

The rape claim

The patriarchy and feminine independence claim

Sometimes I really think that our dogmatic lefties are just like the Bible Beaters who drink a different flavor of Kool-aid.

So back to the women’s marches: how big of a deal are they? Well, if they inspire people to help us out on 2018 and 2020, I suppose they are a good thing.

But I see a crucial difference between these and the Tea Party marches, BESIDES this crucial difference:

The Senate is set up to give small, rural states an advantage (Wyoming has the same number of Senators as California does). And gerrymandering means that liberals can be effectively fenced up.

So, a large women’s march, even in, say, Fayetteville, Arkansas (home of the University of Arkansas) isn’t going to worry anyone.

The women’s marches are a “mostly white”, mostly educated and blue women’s movement and comprise of a statistically small group of women. And even numerically massive gatherings in Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. mean…well, not much.

Women are indeed still split along economic and educational lines.

And Alabama: 63 percent of white women voted for Moore. It was black people, not white liberals, that saved the day.

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Bradley’s good weekend vs. Evansville

Yes, it ended well; in fact BU raced to an early 14-2 lead..let the lead diminish, opened it to 10 at the half, let Evansville back, then pulled away at the end.

Every Evansville rally was stopped; BU played great defense (6 blocked shots) and spread the ball around on offense..and actually hit some open shots.

The Jesse White Tumblers performed at halftime and they are always excellent.

Then, today, the women went to Evansville and raced out 27-0 lead and lead 40-7 early. It was 62-26 at the half and the lead eventually extended to…60 points (not a misprint) and it ended 117-59. I watched the game from the second quarter on ESPN3 and could not turn away. And yes, BU played everyone, early. It was just one of those days where Evansville did nothing right and Bradley did nothing wrong.

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Just uninspired…

I just had no pop and fire in my walk today. In fact, I started out dead.

But I did enjoy the mid 40’s temperatures and seeing the different kind of ice in the river.

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