More on blocking, etc.

This block …looked legal to me at first (shoulder to chest) but later I saw the helmet to helmet. Yeah, we used to do that (albeit at a much lower level) but that is indeed illegal now.

Not that I have much sympathy for the person getting blocked on this play.

But now I’ll talk about another type of block: social media. I view social media as my recreational tool and if someone is too annoying, I block. This includes people who give unsolicited advice, give unsolicited negative feedback, “know-it-alls” who in fact, know little, and dummies who want their opinions taken seriously.

I do give slack to those I like as well as those who are dear to those I like.

Workout notes easy 4 mile run (Cornstalk classic); toward the end I was passed by an athlete as if I were standing still. Then again…if they couldn’t do that easily, they wouldn’t be an athlete. 🙂

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