Hot Failure

Upshot: I was doing fine up until mile 16; in fact mile 16 was 15:02, which was only a slight slowdown from my previous pace. It felt very doable though it was getting HOT. The next mile the wheels came off completely; I lost all power in my thighs and legs.

It was 89 F when I bailed. Basically, I took about 20 minutes a mile for 18 and 19, when two ladies passed me. I walked with them (17:xx) and it felt ok; my shirt had been wet down a bit. But then as I dried out and lost shade…BAM …back to a waddle/crawl. So I called it a day at mile 20.

Bottom line: in the past, my digestive system shut down. Today, THAT worked well…it was my legs that just shut down. When it is hot, something will shut down on me.

I hope for cooler weather two weeks from now.

Mat took this photo of Cassie and me at packet pickup.

Note: between mile 9 and 10 we lost several minutes due to a goddamn train. Were I going for a time, I would have been pissed. It didn’t really affect me that much though as I was in it just to finish.

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Going to be hot…

first 10: 2:25
second 10 : 2:35
Then 18 minute miles would get it done.

Just be humble at first.

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