Well, the Quad Cities Marathon is tomorrow and it is supposed to be as hot as hell. Yes, I’ve faced similar conditions before, (in marathons), finishing the Andy Payne, We Walk, and DNFing at Quad Cities twice (2007, 2016)

Each of these events had two things in common: 1: I went out way too fast for the conditions (12:xx pace) and 2: I had to stop and rest an hour or so.
In my two DNF’s: I was 5:03 at mile 23 and 5:01 at mile 20. But there is one difference this time: time limit is no 7 hours…and I would have finished with a 7 hour time limit.

So, there is nothing more to be said. I HAVE to start out at a slow pace (nothing faster than, say, 13:30-13:45 in the early miles, maybe 14:00 would be better) and if I can get to mile 20 in 5:00 to 5:20 and remind myself that, 2 hours for the last 10K is a 19 minute pace, and 1:40 for the last 10K is a 16 minute pace.

Oh, I’ve finished this course before and I ran the first one in miserable heat (3:55) and the second one in 3:45. My walking PR is 4:44. But that is yesterday’s news.

Do I want to finish badly enough to go out with the proper amount of humility? That is my worry. And no, even this slow time won’t be easy. Well…

workout notes: easy 2 mile walk.

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