Whiny workout

Course: basically like last Saturday, though after the 18.75, I did the 1.1 + .4 to get over 20. It was starting to warm up and I wanted to be done. I had to stop to adjust might right shoe..I had to do that twice. And (TMI) I did have a small problem with gas around 3:30 or so..fortunately that is all it was.

I did the tablets and the nutrition and that helped; my main challenge was basic fatigue and not getting overheated.

Of interest:

1. I found a 10 dollar bill near the Bob Michael Bridge (no one nearby).
2. About 10 miles into it, I saw a woman running in what looked like “bra and panties”; when she got close, you could see that she might have had 1-2 percent bodyfat and appeared to be going 6 mpm-ish..and just behind her was another slender woman (more clothes) running at a similar pace. They were too old to be university runners; have to be elites visiting the area.

Back to my workout: it was not a disaster (though doing squats yesterday was a bad idea). but it wasn’t a confidence builder either. And, as usual, I had a couple of rough patches to push through. And that is something one cannot teach a new walker; everyone has to figure out where that “push through the discomfort” vs. “quit and train another day” line is for themselves.


August 19, 2017 - Posted by | walking

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