And THIS is why I am cautious about “Crying Wolf”

So Trump took up for the neo-Nazis and other white supremacists by saying “there was guilt on both sides” because, well, some of the counter protesters didn’t act optimally at all times.

“You had people in that group who were protesting the taking down of what to them is a very, very important statue,” Trump said, before suggesting that Lee and other Confederate-era generals, including Stonewall Jackson, are the victims of historical revisionism attempting to delegitimize their roles.

Speaking rhetorically, Trump asked reporters whether George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both slave owners, should suffer the same fate and have their statues removed. “You’re changing history; you’re changing culture,” he said.

Trump reiterated his condemnation of neo-Nazis and other white supremacists. But he also made clear that he believed that some of the counterprotesters were armed and took aggressive actions that helped spark the violence.

Hmmm, so Confederate leaders are on the level of our founding fathers? Yes, you sometimes heard such nonsense in southern circles.

Well…back to the point in my post:

I’ve heard all sorts of things called “bigotry”; they range from being skeptical of using pronouns, wondering if transwomen with male genitals should use women’s “gang showers”, pointing out that the ACT and SAT really do have predictive power (with regards to future success in STEM fields) or for pointing out that, statistically speaking, there is more social pathology in the lower economic classes (though research suggests that poverty is the cause, not the effect), my contempt for the cries of “cultural appropriation”, etc.

I am loath to scream “bigotry” because, well, when one over uses the word, it loses its power for when it truly applies.

And I have a hard time distinguishing unusual amounts of anger for the usual, run of the world noise I hear from my fellow lefties. If the background is full of constant static, it is tough to distinguish a real signal.

And see how Americans are reacting to Trump…I am turning to…the feed of “mainstream Republicans” more so than the feed of my fellow Democrats.


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Blind spots, mob actions, and memories

Mob actions: evidently, a small mob pulled down a statue in Durhan, North Carolina. While I agree that these statues should come down, I do not approve of this action. Think of it this way: this small mob speaks only for themselves; they represent no one. A society that agrees to do this represents all of us; society doing this legally makes a much stronger statement. Of course, getting society to do this legally requires time, effort, coordination, gathering allies, at times: organizing economic boycotts, and the like. And there is no instant gratification.

And yes, the statues should come down. No, this is not whitewashing history; after all, we can (and should) study history and be frank about our “sins of the past”. But statues are to honor, and the confederates deserve no place of honor.

And this comes to something that used to surprise me: most of my childhood was on Air Force bases; the Union was good; the Confederates were in the wrong. President Lincoln was a revered hero. That wasn’t the case at all with many southern people I met later (10’th grade and beyond). That just stunned me. I suppose that it shouldn’t have.

I went to school at the Naval Academy and graduate school at the University of Texas, Austin. Both places treated me well. But as for Texas: if one renamed every building named after a racist, well, that would be the majority of the buildings. The school used to defend segregation; I even saw some of the original documents on display. That was icky.

Then I remember the first college football game I ever saw in person: Texas vs. Rice in 1969. There was exactly ONE black player on the field…and he played for Rice (I later found out that he went on to start for the Dallas Cowboys). And Rice used to not admit blacks..they had to wait until Mr. Rice (the founder) died before they removed the “no blacks” from the charter. And yet, Rice is now one of the top schools in the nation; I was accepted there and seriously considered it.

And that leads me to thinking: so many that I met defend that legacy…and these are people who appear to be nice and polite! But they have this massive blind spot in this one area.

What blind spots do I have? And how open would I be to those blind spots being pointed out? I believe that we all have them.

I don’t know; I suppose it is tough to admit when one was fundamentally wrong, and it is tough to not act like a sanctimonious jackass when one is “in the right”.

Workout notes somewhat more intense 10K hilly walk; I did Lynnor hill repeats without Lynnor. 🙂

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