Memory for little details….

It seems as if I have trouble remembering what I did a few months ago; my guess is that since I am older, I have more to remember. 🙂

Workout notes: am: weights plus a 5K walk (easy).
rotator cuff, hip hikes, pull ups (5 sets of 10), incline presses (10 x 135, 5 x 160, 7 x 150), military presses: 15 x 55 dumbbells, 20 x 40 standing (dumbbells), 10 x 180 (90 each arm) machine.
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 55 each arm, 10 x 110 machine. 100 rope skips (10, 20, 20, 25, 25). It was a little easier this time.

Note: Sue watched me and gave some welcome advice here and there.

PM: exercise class with Theresa. Good class; we had a nice leg lift move.
Before class, I playfully pulled out the camera and she said “you saw me bending over..and wanted to take my picture…did you?” Well…no I didn’t. Such cynicism!!!! (LOL)

Nothing substantive to say other than I am puzzling over a that really should not matter that much at the end.


August 3, 2017 - Posted by | walking, weight training

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