Serving two masters

Politics It is a shame to see Senator McCain let himself be used by Senator McConnell to try to “shame” the other Republican senators into holding the line and moving forward with the “motion to proceed”. Courage in battle doesn’t translate to “courage in politics”.

That is just too depressing to think about.

Workout notes
The bad news: my running has taken a major nosedive. It is tough to do more than easy treadmill running.
The good news: walking is improving (right knee: slightly sore…)

today: I felt a bit bored with working out and so did a “jog two laps, skip rope 25 reps (had two misses in my skips)” then attempted a run on the treadmill. that turned into a run/walk for 1.25 miles.
Then I quit that, went to the track and walked 4 miles of “walk 3 laps steady and deliberately, 1 lap to recover the mind” and that took me 51:45 (13:27, 12:50, 12:51, 12:36). This was NOT at interval intensity.

So..I emphasize walking and the running suffers. But the walking improves. Go figure.


July 25, 2017 - Posted by | political/social, politics, running, walking

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