Is there such a thing as a bad workout? (sans a setback)

Ok, of course, it is not good to get injured, or say, take away from an upcoming event by overdoing it prior to the event (e. g. doing 16 x 400 2 days prior to a marathon).

But aside from disasters and silliness…

A friend asked “is there such a thing as a bad workout?”

Answer: “what do you mean by bad?”

Today, it was hot (by Illinois standards) and my walking pace was ridiculous (16:25)

As far as my convoluted course: I started out and noticed a few things:

1. I was hot and sweaty within the first 10 minutes
2. My pace was snail like (16 minutes, when I like to be 15:00 at the Broadway/Columbia Terrace intersection )
3. My legs felt heavy from the get go
4. My bladder was..full..

So when I got to Forrest Hill, I did not turn north on Central but rather continued to Prospect and then into upper Glenn Oak to the tennis court bathroom.

At this point, I said to myself: “survival test”…and decided to take a few selfies and not worry about my time. I kept my time so I could go on a non-standard route and know when to turn home.
So I went through upper Glenn Oak park (yeah, saw a couple of bespandexed cuties), and then decided to take it to the Cemetery.

In the cemetery, I realized it would be a tough sell to ask my body to take the trail to the Tower..and yeah, I was already getting sick of the “weekend cyclists”. (there weren’t that many but..I was grumpy). So I turned left, went over the lower bridge and up the hill, taking right hand turns to add mileage. Then at the top, back to Forrest Hill then right on Central, to Marietta. But on Marietta, I took the bike path to Glenn, then right on Glenn to the Tower.

I had guzzled one bottle, so I did a refill. Oh yes, took my second electrolyte tablet…I will keep taking these. They help.

Then I went down Prospect, right on Marietta and back on Boredom..but I did get to Bootz via Hansler (Sheridan/McClure intersection is under construction).

Then back home. I must have looked terrible; at least one person asked how I was doing and it appeared that one other car stopped to ..check on me? (University student driver). But I felt…well, fine. I was slow as hell though…perhaps my posture was bad.

Now about the question I suppose that a workout is a success if it further advances one’s can be for pleasure, exercise, or training for an event.
In my case, I’d call it a “bad workout” because I was so blasted slow; that hurts my confidence. But ..I did 5 miles at a 12:20 pace yesterday (walking) and 13.1 at 12:24 last weekend. So I know that I haven’t fallen apart.

I should be experienced enough to know it was just the heat and the wear and tear from last weekend..and two decent workouts in a row.

But…on the other hand, I am a bit of a head case, and I suspect that many of my endurance sports friends are as well..and sometimes we have a workout that is way slower than normal. Today: that was me. But I really am ok..and I do not feel drained, wiped out, etc.


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