Resentments, public policy and politics

Kathleen Parker wrote an interesting column about the Republican attempts to repeal the ACA and to replace. Yes, I know; this is more or less a Republican plan to begin with which is built around the three pillars of “community rating, mandate, and subsidies

The community rating means that high risk people get charged the same as low risk people. So here, the strong subsidize the weak. The mandate means that everyone has to get in, not just the sick who need it right now. So the healthy subsidize the sick.

Then subsidies means the financially strong subsidize the financially weak.

And yes, this can lead to resentment. We all seem to know (or even have in our family) some worthless goof off or person who engages in risky behavior (smoking, overeating, drugging, being lazy, drinking to excess) or the irresponsible who either mooches or blows all of their money and then expects others to keep them afloat.

So there is no denying that losers will be helped by the responsible:

Many Americans simply don’t see the fairness in a system that requires them to pay high premiums for others’ poor health, some of which is, let’s face it, earned. Not deserved, but sometimes resulting from poor lifestyle choices. Why, indeed, should a single, childless 30-year-old male who runs three miles a day, eats rationally, and doesn’t drink, smoke or take drugs be saddled with insurance premiums to cover pregnancy, abortion, alcoholism, addiction, or an abundance of health consequences resulting from obesity and inertia?

For that matter, why should women have to subsidize men’s sexual- dysfunction curatives when, by the way, men don’t have to pony up for women’s corresponding, post-menopausal, medically appropriate intercessions? Here you see one of the finer-print dilemmas. We’d rather force nuns to concede tacit approval of abortion than insist that insurance subsidies be tied to healthy behaviors.

I’m sorry if this sounds heartless; the brain calls it reality. No wonder Obamacare was so difficult to craft and a replacement equally so. There are simply too many moving parts to make the sucker float — and too many reasons not to sink it.

Since McConnell’s repeal-only idea seemed doomed Tuesday afternoon after GOP Sens. Collins, Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) said they oppose immediate repeal, perhaps, finally, Republicans and Democrats can snap on their wizard hats and cobble something workable together. After all, it’s the only thing they haven’t tried yet.

On the other hand:

1. Most of us know, at least on some level, that we are just a disaster away from needing help ourselves. We have weather, accidents, bad genetics, untimely diseases, etc. I have had several responsible, physically fit friends die early due to cancer. One can really “do everything right” and get horribly unlucky.

2. The economy: taking away health insurance and/or Medicaid will lead to move poverty, more people going bankrupt and damage our economy. Businesses need customers to stay in business.

So, I think the right thing to do is to bite the bullet and live with some slackers getting help that they really don’t “deserve”; overall, all of us are better off.

Now when it comes to discussing the issues of the day, Trump is so hated that some of my friends will not even talk to a Trump supporter. My big beef with Trump is that he is a rank amateur who doesn’t know what he is doing.

Oh well…yes, I am friends with some Republicans and I even regularly socialize with one.

Workout notes: disgustingly humid outside (and rainy) so I took indoor for 6 miles: 1 warm up on the treadmill, 32 laps in lane 2 in 49:47, doing “2 laps on, 2 laps off”:
12:55, 12:37, 12:12, 12:01, then a 13:47 “1 minute froggy” cool down mile (raised either incline, or speed every minute).


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