Going on and one when you don’t know..

Ok, yes, at baseball games, and football games, I sometimes wonder “why did the coach do that?” But I admit that I don’t understand the reasoning; not only am I not around the team that often, I also have only a “fan who played a bit in high school” knowledge of the game..and that was the game back in the 1970’s. So I’d never tell a coach how to run his/her team, even if I do offer some advice from the stands.

I did that last night during the Chiefs 10-3 win over the Lake County Captains.

There were stories aplenty. The Chiefs got 3 home runs, 2 hit by the guy who had his mother at the game. The Chiefs had a nice (but hardly insurmountable) 6-3 lead, after a 3 run 7’th inning which featured 2 home runs.

Then in the 8’th, the Captains got themselves in trouble after retiring 2 of the first 3 Peoria batters (one walk). Another walk brought on a new pitcher and an infield hit loads the bases. Then the pitcher walked 3 batters in a row! Another infield hit brought in another run before a strike out.

It was kind of nice to see the other team’s bullpen self destruct, though the Captains made one infield error and some of the “infield hits” appeared to be misplays to me.

It was very warm; that plus the long game (3:17) took a toll on the fans (and pitchers)

Now back to the original headline we see that higher education is under fire from the rank and file Republicans.

Why? My guess (from attempting to talk to some of them…OMG that was painful) is that they see some very real, very bad things and conclude that colleges and universities are basically students go there to learn how to become sensitive, get offended and to demand “safe spaces”.

And so many who have rarely, IF EVER, actually set foot on a college campus TELL ME what is happening on college campuses.

Yes, the stories one hears are real and troubling, and yes, we can (and should) do better. But these stories constitute only a tiny fraction of what goes on; evidently such critics have no idea at the amount of important learning and research goes on (engineering, science, languages, history, culture, etc.).

They KNOW what they read and see, and they see fit to tell me what …well, happens in my own workplace?

At times, it appears that those who know the least have the strongest opinions.

Workout notes 2 mile run in 22:50 (second mile was “run 200, run/walk 200”..just wasn’t into it) and goblet squats: 10 x 44, 50, 53, 5 x 70 (touch the bench).

I know; it is this Sunday that counts.


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