It was warm, just like it was last Saturday.

I left at 6:05 am and returned 4:45:58 later having covered 18.6 miles. (15:23 mpm,

The only difference is that I had to walk around the Riverplex on the grass to get around the stage. So this was about 2 minutes faster than a week ago, with similar conditions.

I was 1:57:20 at the Sheridan/Northmore intersection, and it took me 30:28 to walk back to the tower, 1:38:41 to get to Hooters and 39:27 to cover the final uphill.

Though my stride felt ok coming home, when I stopped I felt terrible. Food revived me; my guess is that I did not keep my electrolytes in balance. I’ll have to take some along with me next time; today my hands swelled up a bit.

The unusual: literally scores of bunnies; and when I was walking past the B’nai Brith apartments, I saw a lady in very tight, somewhat brief spandex shorts running on the sidewalk..and go into the parking lot. Visitor? She didn’t look as if she lived there.


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