Galva 5K 9 years later..

I powerwalked this race in 2008. This time, I finished just over 1 minute faster…running.
I went out with Tracy; I wanted a break from the downtown runs, and I wanted to spend some time with her.

Warm up: about 15-18 minutes or so; 10 minutes cool down walk (walked Tracy in)
It was 70 F, 80 percent humidity (deceptively sticky) and perhaps I started a bit too hard, given that I had 18/10 miles last weekend…and haven’t been running all that much.

I was right at 8:57 for 1 mile; a bit too fast. I could feel it..and of course, I really started to feel it during mile 2; I conked out right at 16:30 or so. I have to remember that a 5K for me now is like a 4 miler once was; I can’t start to feel quite that bad until 20 minutes or so.

I walked a few steps a couple of times 2 miles came at 18:53. I got into the “just finish without more walking mode; 10:19 for mile 3 was a bit overdoing it? So even 0:53 for the final .1 miles couldn’t bring me under 30.

8:57/9:56/10:18/0:53 = 30:05.

But the goal was to have some fun and that is what I did.

Moral: when I build up my long weekend walks, my 5K speed suffers accordingly.

Yesterday; weights, then 2 treadmill miles running (21:54), 2 walking.

weights: rotator cuff, hip hikes, toe raises, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench press: 10 x 135, 6 x 185, 5 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, military: 15 x 55 seated dumbbell, supported, 10 x 45 standing, 10 x 200 machine, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 55 dumbbell, 1 set of 10 x 110. Then the running/walking.


July 4, 2017 - Posted by | Friends, running, walking, weight training

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