Political People: why do you use social media?

I am asking: “why do you engage in political discussion on Twitter or Facebook?

Is it to vent?

Is it to try to change the mind of a political opponent?

Is it to persuade the undecided?

Is it to try to get moral support from similar people?

Is it to excite your fellow political allies (get inspired to give money, go to a protest/rally, do walk routes, etc.)

Is it to educate yourself and/or put out information?

I am curious. I know that I’ve lost friends (ok, no great loss, but still…) because I misread what they were about. And yeah, I understand that not every post is an invitation for discussion.

And yes, I understand that discussions can be non-productive, especially when the other person assumes that they know more than they do, or that they’ve thought of some aspect that you haven’t (when you have, a loooong time ago) or when they are just spouting off cliches and bumper stickers under the guise of argument.


July 3, 2017 - Posted by | Friends, politics, politics/social, social/political

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  1. I have some friends that I sometimes try to persuade, not that it usually works. I’ve been persuaded of a few minor points from time to time, not that my mind has been changed that much or that often. Sometimes I am trying to educate myself or others and like to think that I am driving productive conversation. But I’ve learned the hard way not to just go on Facebook to vent, as I’ve started arguments and lost friends when I have.

    Comment by Richard Heller | July 3, 2017 | Reply

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