Whew…bound to happen

I am realistic enough to know that I was not going to NOT have at least one bad (sort of) training walk. I went .3 miles further than last Saturday and it took me 20 minutes more; roughly 15:32 (4:48:53 for 18.6 miles) But the weather did not compare; last week was cool. Last week was 61/83 to 70/41; today, as you can see, was much tougher (about 10 degrees).

The course is a keeper: access Boredom via Broadway to Hansler to Bootz. At the Heights Tower, take Glenn to the trail, trail to Northmore/Sheridan, double back but at Prospect/Marieta get on the trail and take it down to the Riverplex then to Hooters and back the regular way.

Next time, I can do a “Bradley/Moss/Cooper” perimeter to make it 20.

Back from the Gateway building took about 47 minutes; I was wearing down by then. But it wasn’t torture. There weren’t that many cyclists and I did not get divebombed.

I did get passed near the Knoxville bridge by a cutie who was rocking some VPL black spandex shorts and she ground to a halt; she explained that she was from Seattle and wished she had started her run earlier. Another woman in silver/gray spandex tights (green top…blonde pigtails) told me she was running 10; I saw her 3 times. Evidently she was doing what I call a “bow tie” course (start on the path, go right and do an out and back, then go out and back in the opposite direction).

Oh well, it was an effort, but it wasn’t a killer effort. I think that doing squats yesterday may have affected me somewhat. But it was mostly the warm, humid conditions. I got sunburn (slight)

And, well, given my current fitness and conditioning, it went as well as a “no Mama T, no Lynnor” walk can go. 🙂


July 1, 2017 - Posted by | walking

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