Why Trump gets away with it: hatred of liberals.

Yes, once again, Trump was tweeting stupid, disgusting things.

And yes, Sarah Sanders Huckabee defended Trump doing so.

Now, yes, Mitch McConnell might have enjoyed the cover to try to get to “an agreement on principle” to a still toxic health care…er…”wealthcare” deal.

But yes, Trump’s conduct is disgusting, and even many conservatives agree. Trump does this all of the time. But they defend it because:

Yep…he is their son-of-a-bitch. And they despise us and everything we stand for.

The elite Republicans (Ryan, McConnell, Graham, McCain, Priebus, Pence) all stand to gain something; here is a nice list as to what each might gain.

And so it goes.


June 29, 2017 - Posted by | political/social, politics, republicans |


  1. Hello Ollie..

    It is good to show intellectual respect for each other’s opinions. In general, the media from all sides Gave President Trump far too much attention in the electoral process. Both sides thought he was a joke from the first day of the campaign. He had the last laugh to be sure. Government by twitter is absurd. All sides should step off the phone/notepad, and actually compose in depth though.

    I hope sane heads will come up with a new health care policy. To make it fair, all levels of the congressional, executive, and judicial branches have to be part of itm receiving their care. They all talk the talk, and they should walk the walk.

    With the unknown for 2018, insurance companies here in Maine are setting up to reap a windfall. Under the first few years of ACA many lost money. Of course the companies are there to serve their board and shareholders, not the patients. I wish Insurance companies did not exist. The sole purpose is to push electrons and interfere with care between a physician and patient.

    Comment by William Higgins Jr. | June 29, 2017 | Reply

  2. The ACA insurers in Maine have proposed rate increases of 19 to 39 percent on January first.

    Of course the State of Maine does not have a new budget, with the fiscal biennium starting saturday. Governor LePage is a Republican The State Senate is Republican by a single member, and the Democratic party has a majority in the House. To muck up the system, state voters passed a referendum, adding income tax to high wage earners. This tax is to be used school education costs, but not administration. Maine has an absurd number of administrators in relation to the number of students. Schools in towns were supposed to merge in past years to save money. The city where I live is the largest in the state, with the biggest system.

    Comment by William Higgins Jr. | June 29, 2017 | Reply

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