A baseball “staycation”

No Texas trip this summer; no major trips period (though I do have a couple of Chicago trips planned for July; a math conference and a 1/2 marathon).

But I did have a vacation of a sort last night/today. Last night: Barbara was a trooper and put up with 11 innings of Peoria Chiefs baseball. She had to work the next morning, so we left when it was 2-2. But the Chiefs fell in the 12’th 3-2. Yes, this is June in Illinois; temperatures fell into the 50’s.

Toward the end, the crowd really thinned; one fan even yelled “come on Chiefs, we want to go home!” as the Chiefs stranded yet another runner. Overall, the pitching on both sides was stellar; the Chiefs did get one home run though.

So the next day, I got up, worked out:

Workout notes: early, 2 mile outside walk, then 32 laps of the Bradley Markin track: 2 laps “fast” on the inside line, 1 lap “medium” in the outside lane and kept that up for 4 miles:

12:45, 12:45, 12:36, 12:04. I really focused on posture, posture, posture and decided to put some “umpf” into my “faster” laps in the final mile. 50:12 for 4 miles of walking, or about 10K total.

Then I showered, and then walked to Dozer park for another Chiefs game.

This was a kids matinee special; I sat in the first row, by the Chiefs bullpen.

The game was just the opposite of the night before; lots of fireworks. The Chiefs got extra base hits, home runs, and raced out to a 6-0 inning after 5, with 3 different 2 run innings.

Then came the 6’th inning. The Chiefs brought in a relief pitcher (starter gave up 1 hit) and then came a couple of walks, a hit, an error and at least a couple of mistakes that didn’t get counted as errors. was now 6-6.

The game steadied a bit then came the top of the 8’th. The Snappers got 2 more runs; hits, miscues (one chief infielder lost a routine pop fly in the sun..and yes, it was brutal to try to see at that angle). But there was a key play: a long fly ball went into center field and I thought for sure it would be an extra base hit. But the center fielder made a great “over the shoulder” catch which limited the play to only 1 run and robbed the Beloit player of an extra base hit. Limiting the damage proved to be crucial.

And so it was 8-6 Snappers going into the bottom of the 8’th. Nevertheless, the Chiefs rallied; a single home run cut the lead to 8-7. Then came a double..and a misplay on a single scored the tying run.

Good relief pitching stopped the Snappers in the the top of the 9’th. Then a single..and BOOM…2 run home run completed the walk off win.

Now that was some excitement. You can catch a glimpse of me standing and clapping as the runner rounds third base (I was on the first base side)


I usually sit in the back row of section 108. Sitting so close really humanized the players and umpires. For one, the bullpen players really interacted with the kids well; they threw water balloons, used a squirt gun, threw out gum, sunflower seed packages..gave a few baseballs, even said a word or two. They seemed to like it. They even gave some of the young women indirect compliments (tastefully; one of the kids said “no. x wants to marry you”) (the young women were supervising the kids; they were the age peers of the players.

The first base umpire was very buff; he looks as if he could bench press 3 wheels plus easily. (315 plus pounds…perhaps much more). He chewed gum and snacked on sunflower seeds during the game.

The Chiefs have a tradition of “Norm and Al” coming out from behind the center field fence and dancing after a Chiefs run:

The center fielder gave them a “WTF” look at first…but today they appeared to be young women in shorts..and he gave them …oh, longer looks as they danced later in the game. And in a 10-8 game, they would dance a lot.


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