A little bit sore..and some Chiefs baseball

Workout notes: I started out to go on a purposeful walk; wasn’t into it so came home, took off my pack and just strolled an easy, untimed 10 miles in Bradley Park (Cornstalk, 1.25 loop, .65) and then went 2 more super slow miles with Barbara.

That did the trick, I think.

The Chiefs won their game against the Burlington Bees 4-3; they had a 3 run home run in the 2’nd and added a solo shot to go up 4-1. Their reliever pitched very well into the 7’th inning when he got a relief pitcher, who did his 1 2/3 innings well. So it was 4-1 going into the top of the 9’th when the Chiefs brought in a “closer”, who promptly gave up a single and 2 walks to load the bases with no outs.

Two runs scored on fielder’s choices (attempts at double plays) and a fly out mercifully ended the game.

I am not sure if the Peoria coach did that (put in the final relief pitcher) because he thought that was the best way to win the game, or because the Cardinals wanted to get him some pitches.

But hey, 2 home runs and a minimum of 2 double plays…


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