Chiefs baseball crowds and games

We just watched a couple of Chiefs vs. Lumbekings games. Friday’s game: The Chiefs lost 6-4. Though the Lumberkings did get 11 hits, they got 4 runs in the 3’rd inning. In that inning, the first two batters grounded out. But then the Chiefs made a throwing error on what should have been the third out; that lead to 4 runs. That was the difference in the game. We did see 4 home runs (split by the teams) including a spectacular 450 foot shot over the center field screen.

Tonight’s game went better (from my point of view). The Chiefs starter pitched 7 innings of no hit ball (allowed one base runner on an error) and struck out 10. The two closer pitchers allowed one hit: with 1 out in the 9’th.

On offense, the Chiefs got 3 runs in the first, off of 3 doubles and a triple. They got 3 more in the 4’th, including 1 home run, and added an insurance run in the 7’th. So it was a 7-0 win.

But what was odd is that the fans were not all that excited about the “team effort” no-hitter; that is typical of a Saturday crowd. There were lots of kids, people leaving to the concession stands with exciting action on the baseball diamond going on; I’d say that perhaps 30-40 percent of the crowd really followed the game.

I suppose that pro teams would go broke by selling the sport.

Obligatory selfies: ok, I still have the “I need to focus on this” look when I do a selfie. But I liked the fireworks photo; this time we stayed.

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