Warm walk

66 F, 73 percent at the start, about 78, 54 percent at the end. A bit sticky.

Course: my warm up ended being 45:15 (about 5K) and my cool down about 1.1 (16:03) (1:01:19 for 4.2). 20 laps of the West Peoria track (8.4 miles) in 1:50:27, doing on (to the parking lot), off each lap.
27:39, 27:47, 27:39, 27:31 (2.1 mile segments) total time: 2:51:56 for 12.6 miles, 13:09 for the 8.4 segment, 13:38 for the 12.6. Yes, this was less of an effort than last week’s half marathon, but it was supposed to be.

Ok, I looked it up. When I was walking my best, those 2.1 mile segments were in the high 24, low 25, perhaps a “slow” 26 range. Oh well…that was 12-13 years ago.

I did get warm. My primary focus was posture. No, this was NOT like “the old days” but that would be unrealistic.


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