Round one: I lose but only 10-9

Weather: 64 F, 78 percent humidity (a bit sticky). The facts: 9:06, 9:07, 9:32, 9:35 (37:21) (walked a few steps in each of the final 2 miles). 19/33 overall. Try as I might, I could not closed the gap on MarySue.
Note: Larry ran with me the whole way; he slowed down to do that. I could not have stayed with him; not even close.

Social: huge success; got to mingle with Tracy, Mat, Cassie, and of course, run with Larry. I was not a factor racing Jerry or Dianne.

Yes, this was my slowest run on this course, ever, by quite a bit. I first did this race 20 years ago (27:54) and my next two were 25:58, 26:58. (1999, 1999). In 2005, I did 30:53. In 2012, I did 33:52. In 2014, I did 33:25(slightly tougher conditions). I can’t express how far back in my past those times are.

BUT: well, I am 10 pounds too heavy (that one is on me, of course) and I really haven’t been doing the “1 hour, steady state at a slightly uncomfortable pace” run that I really need to run this one to my potential.

Tomorrow: Galesburg 1/2 marathon walk. The weather will be warm and sticky; better be prepared. 2:40 would be fine. Maybe I can bring this to a draw.


June 3, 2017 - Posted by | running, walking |

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