Yes, Trump will keep getting away with it…

Needless to say, Trump has acted in a very unpresidential manner; I’ve heard him described as a “mobster”. He has money and power, but no class.

But, I suppose, he speaks to the resentments of some people.

Now I have to admit, that I was very wrong. I felt that Paul Krugman was dead on in his column. And he might have been, at least for a plurality of the country.

And yes, I know, even I have gotten tired of “political correctness”, which I define to be “ignoring evidence that you find distasteful” (and yes, there are right wing versions also: think creationism, “abstinence only” sex education, supply side economics, and other kinds of affinity fraud)

Yes, I heard about “racism”, but I thought that was merely a slogan used by people who, say, didn’t want to discuss the merits and mechanisms of affirmative action, or, say, how a college “diversify the student body” program affects retention numbers, or a discussion of tough issues like crime, racial profiling and interactions with police.

I thought that cries about misogyny were overblown reactions to, say, a bad choice of clothing made by a scientist at an announcement, or people complaining about “mansplaining” (and yes, men, all too often, pop off about stuff they know little about, even when NOT invited to do so). I thought it was about double standards; e. g., it was ok to slam Chris Christie for being fat, but not Rosie O’Donnell.

But….where I was thinking that this was just social justice warriors trying to stifle genuine intellectual debate about tough subjects (see Steven Pinker’s book The Blank Slate) I am finding out that

1. Some people really don’t like black people, period. I am NOT talking about genuinely unpleasant black people (jerks and criminals, who come in all colors)..but black people, period.
2. Some people really don’t want women in positions of power, period, no matter how competent and qualified they are.

No, I am not saying “all” Trump supporters nor am I being overly political in this post. I am thinking more about the remarks I see from some on social media (and never from my friends, of any political persuasion).

But there has been some sort of “ok, let the toxic stuff inside of you out…Trump made it ok” sort of thing going on.

I do not claim to be devoid of toxic feelings, but I do try to keep them to myself or to discuss them in private, with trusted friends who will move me away from them.

Workout notes

Weights with some light yoga (headstand, legs up the wall) afterward

pull ups (5 sets of 10), goblet squats (45, 45, 55, 60, 65, 70) sets of 5, hip hikes, toe raises, bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 190, 8 x 170, incline: 10 x 140. military (dumbbell) 15 x 55 seated, supported, 10 x 50 standing , 10 x 110 machine, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 55 dumbbell, 10 x 200 Hammer.

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Why Trump gets away with it: hatred of liberals.

Yes, once again, Trump was tweeting stupid, disgusting things.

And yes, Sarah Sanders Huckabee defended Trump doing so.

Now, yes, Mitch McConnell might have enjoyed the cover to try to get to “an agreement on principle” to a still toxic health care…er…”wealthcare” deal.

But yes, Trump’s conduct is disgusting, and even many conservatives agree. Trump does this all of the time. But they defend it because:

Yep…he is their son-of-a-bitch. And they despise us and everything we stand for.

The elite Republicans (Ryan, McConnell, Graham, McCain, Priebus, Pence) all stand to gain something; here is a nice list as to what each might gain.

And so it goes.

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Baseball and air conditioning

We are having a new, more efficient air conditioning system put in today, so I am at home.

Last night, I caught a baseball game.

Note the “PD” on the grass: that is for the Peoria Distillers, which was Peoria’s first minor league baseball team (back to 1894-1917); at the time, Peoria was a “wide open river town”.

The Chiefs lost 3-0. Though the Chiefs were out hit 11-3, good infield play (3 double plays) limited the damage. 2 of the Beloit Snapper runs came from solo home runs by their big right fielder, who also robbed Peoria of an extra base hit with a spectacular, leaping “above the padded portion of the wall” catch in the first inning. His first home run went over the second white picket fence and bounced off of the “Bradley B” in left field.

The Chiefs were hurt when the starting pitcher got injured during the first at bat in the second inning. And, as far as the bullpen: in the 8’th inning, the new relief pitcher walked the first batter but got the second to ground into a double play. Then he strikes out the next batter…but it was on a wild pitch. He then hits the next batter with a pitch and walks the next one to load the bases! But then he strikes out the aforementioned right fielder to get out of the inning with 0 runs, which, I suppose, is the point. But what looked to be an easy inning became a hard one.

Still, there was some good action in this game and even being outhit, Peoria had a chance to win in the 9’th. They got runners on 1’st and 2’nd with the tying run at the plate with 1 out…but BAM…double play.

Workout notes: easy 5 mile run this morning.

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They don’t even try to hide it

Yes, the vote on the toxic Senate version of “Trumpcare” has been delayed. Of course, this bill fixes NONE of the problems with the ACA but instead cuts taxes on the wealthy. I am not sure how cutting Medicaid (on a percapita basis) and giving the wealthy a tax cut on investment income is supposed to be good for anyone except those who need it the least.

And yes, Big Money is pissed; they don’t even try to hide their contempt for the rest of us. But have the Republicans become so terrible that even they have to take a step back?

I honestly don’t know.

Right now, the Republicans say (with varying degrees of exaggeration) that the ACA needs improving. I agree with that. But their solution: kick people off of Medicaid and give tax cuts to the rich? Oh my goodness…

Can’t Mitch McConnell, for once in his life, say “no” to Big Money?

Workout notes: weights plus an easy 2 mile walk.

weights: rotator cuff, hip hikes, toe raises, pull ups (5 sets of 10, went well), incline: 10 x 135, 5 x 160, 7 x 150, military: 15 x 55 seated, supported (dumbbells), 10 x 45 standing, 10 x 90 (each arm) machine, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 55 each arm, 10 x 110 machine.

Of note: when I was doing my 15 x 55 while seated, I noticed the pressure I put on my seat. I had 110 extra pounds..and that is more or less how it used to feel to sit when I was at my fattest.

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A baseball “staycation”

No Texas trip this summer; no major trips period (though I do have a couple of Chicago trips planned for July; a math conference and a 1/2 marathon).

But I did have a vacation of a sort last night/today. Last night: Barbara was a trooper and put up with 11 innings of Peoria Chiefs baseball. She had to work the next morning, so we left when it was 2-2. But the Chiefs fell in the 12’th 3-2. Yes, this is June in Illinois; temperatures fell into the 50’s.

Toward the end, the crowd really thinned; one fan even yelled “come on Chiefs, we want to go home!” as the Chiefs stranded yet another runner. Overall, the pitching on both sides was stellar; the Chiefs did get one home run though.

So the next day, I got up, worked out:

Workout notes: early, 2 mile outside walk, then 32 laps of the Bradley Markin track: 2 laps “fast” on the inside line, 1 lap “medium” in the outside lane and kept that up for 4 miles:

12:45, 12:45, 12:36, 12:04. I really focused on posture, posture, posture and decided to put some “umpf” into my “faster” laps in the final mile. 50:12 for 4 miles of walking, or about 10K total.

Then I showered, and then walked to Dozer park for another Chiefs game.

This was a kids matinee special; I sat in the first row, by the Chiefs bullpen.

The game was just the opposite of the night before; lots of fireworks. The Chiefs got extra base hits, home runs, and raced out to a 6-0 inning after 5, with 3 different 2 run innings.

Then came the 6’th inning. The Chiefs brought in a relief pitcher (starter gave up 1 hit) and then came a couple of walks, a hit, an error and at least a couple of mistakes that didn’t get counted as errors. was now 6-6.

The game steadied a bit then came the top of the 8’th. The Snappers got 2 more runs; hits, miscues (one chief infielder lost a routine pop fly in the sun..and yes, it was brutal to try to see at that angle). But there was a key play: a long fly ball went into center field and I thought for sure it would be an extra base hit. But the center fielder made a great “over the shoulder” catch which limited the play to only 1 run and robbed the Beloit player of an extra base hit. Limiting the damage proved to be crucial.

And so it was 8-6 Snappers going into the bottom of the 8’th. Nevertheless, the Chiefs rallied; a single home run cut the lead to 8-7. Then came a double..and a misplay on a single scored the tying run.

Good relief pitching stopped the Snappers in the the top of the 9’th. Then a single..and BOOM…2 run home run completed the walk off win.

Now that was some excitement. You can catch a glimpse of me standing and clapping as the runner rounds third base (I was on the first base side)


I usually sit in the back row of section 108. Sitting so close really humanized the players and umpires. For one, the bullpen players really interacted with the kids well; they threw water balloons, used a squirt gun, threw out gum, sunflower seed packages..gave a few baseballs, even said a word or two. They seemed to like it. They even gave some of the young women indirect compliments (tastefully; one of the kids said “no. x wants to marry you”) (the young women were supervising the kids; they were the age peers of the players.

The first base umpire was very buff; he looks as if he could bench press 3 wheels plus easily. (315 plus pounds…perhaps much more). He chewed gum and snacked on sunflower seeds during the game.

The Chiefs have a tradition of “Norm and Al” coming out from behind the center field fence and dancing after a Chiefs run:

The center fielder gave them a “WTF” look at first…but today they appeared to be young women in shorts..and he gave them …oh, longer looks as they danced later in the game. And in a 10-8 game, they would dance a lot.

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I am getting those tingles I last had when I walked a lot.

Back to the hip hikes..and more back exercises.

Workout notes: weights, 2 mile run (11:02/8:38), goblet squats (50, 53, 53, 62, 62, sets of 6)
rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10), bench press: 10 x 135, 4 x 190, 8 x 170, incline: 10 x 135, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 55 dumbbell, 10 x 110 machine, military: 15 x 55 seated, supported, 10 x 45 standing, 10 x 90 (each arm) machine. Headstand (easy?) lots of McKenzie. Teased Barbara; got a photo of her doing leg curls.

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Back to reality

Cool, sunny, just perfect weather. Ok, I was a bit heavy legged from yesterday’s 18.3 so today’s 11.3 was done at a much slower pace (2:56:09, 15:36 mpm), last 3.2 in 47:30 (14:50..but on much flatter ground). I focused on posture, posture, posture.

The weird: as I was coming up the big hill from lower Bradley to upper Bradley, I saw an animal scurrying away. I saw a hole…and sticking out of the hole was the ringed brown/black ringed tail of a raccoon.

Yesterday, I saw a bird fly right into a window and fall dead.

Bottom line: my cruising pace is slower than it once was. My faster pace is slower than it once was. But that was a 29 mile weekend.

But I am 18 miles; maybe 20 next week? I should have several 20’s prior to my marathon attempt.

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Go ahead and pass the AHCA/BHCA…..

Ok, I’ll come clean. I am 7 years away from qualifying for Medicare, have great employer insurance (which was good even before the ACA), have some money in the bank, a job that is about as secure as they come, and expenses are about to drop quite a bit (daughter out of college, which is completely paid for).

I am pretty much on my own as far as genetic relatives (young adult daughter and wife..that’s about it).

So go right ahead, cut Medicaid by 800 billion dollars to fund a tax cut on investment income for those making 200K (250k for families) a year…that’s right, a tax on INVESTMENT INCOME. Go right ahead.

Now some of you might not ever need Medicaid. But guess what. Many (most?) have that indigent family member, sometimes a moocher, who depends on Medicaid..and maybe needs a Medicaid nursing home.

Guess where that relative moves to? That’s right: he/she moves in with YOU. Job that requires lots of time? Uh, not anymore. Retirement savings? Bye bye! Vacation or recreational spending? ROTFLMAO!!!!

Oh, business owner: you need customers. Now more people at the bottom end won’t have money to patronize your business. Sure, maybe they’ll sell a few more yachts, but remember tax cuts at the bottom stimulate the economy much more than tax cuts at the top.

So go right ahead and cheer Trump and the Republicans as they do this.

Hey, if it pisses off liberals and sticks it to the “lazy, entitled, shiftless” poor, there must be something good about it, right?

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Did Trump outsmart Obama?

I read this article about how the Obama administration handled the Russian meddling in our election issue. Here is the Washington Post article on the subject.

The upshot: Obama found out, told the Russians to “cut it out”, they didn’t and the Obama administration responded weakly. Reason: remember Trump babbling about the “election being rigged” and the threats that he might not accept the results if he lost?

That put Obama between a rock and a hard place. If he went public, the Republicans would accuse him of “rigging the election” for Hillary; remember that one of the things that the Russians did was to spread false stories. But if he responded weakly…well, you see what happened.

So, he figured that Clinton would win anyway..and she didn’t (sort of).

Now Trump is crowing.

Now, in public, Trump denied that Russia was behind the hacking. But what if he knew that Russia was behind it (or even actively colluded, though we don’t have solid evidence of that as yet) and he judged that Obama’s sense of fairness (not wanting to appear to tip the election toward Clinton, which could have backfired) would make Obama respond weakly?

It could be that we got played.

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Better things ahead for my walking?

Ok, this was solo. No Lynnor. 😦 And no, it wasn’t fast; I was just over 15 minutes for the fist mile; I walked through the construction at Sheridan/McClure and decided to risk getting divebombed on the river (red winged black birds); that didn’t happen. I was 1:23 at the Peoria Heights Tower (as opposed to 1:20 during my best walk of the year), 1:57 at mile 8, where I picked up the bike path at Bishop Hill.

There was some crowding near the River Market and with a group of charity walkers going out. And yes, a guy on crutches said something to me: “I want to be out doing that”; he had the look of being injured and champing at the bit to get well…very fit. I reminded him that it wouldn’t take him long to get back.

But overall, the walk, while deliberate (14:43), was…easy. The distance is starting to become less intimidating.

I had a few tingles in the left leg; nothing serious. And I kept reminding myself “posture”.

1:57:02 at mile 8 (where the bike path meets Bishop Hill)
3:51:39 at 15.7 (at my door)
3:57:26 at 16.1 (after the extra Laura/Rebecca loop)
4:28:53 at 18.27 (after the Main, University, Moss, Cooper, campus, Laura loop)

Upshot: this was not an especially long walk, nor was it a fast one. But, the distance is getting easier again; this one was actually pleasant. I am getting into the “looking forward to the long walks” mode, as opposed to sort-of dreading them but doing them to get ready. That is a big positive.

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