Blocking someone on Twitter vs. Facebook

Someone I once talked to got angry with me and blocked me on Twitter. The year before, I got angry with them and blocked them on Facebook. No big deal…but I learned something.

On Facebook: if someone blocks you, you cannot see anything about them…even if they have an account..from the account that they blocked. You cannot see comments, etc.

Twitter is very different. If you remember their twitter address/handle, you can do a search for it on the little search window in the upper right and corner and see where they have been mentioned by others. What you can’t do is access their timeline or tweet to them.

If you really want to, you can set up an alternate account and see their time line (can’t do that on Facebook unless their wall is a “public” wall, as mine is (mostly)). I have zero desire to do that, but someone COULD do that to you, if so inclined.

I found that is useful to know. Off to the gym.


May 31, 2017 - Posted by | social/political | ,

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