Knowing what you are talking about…and lying…

Interesting: evidently about 49 percent of Trump’s followers on Twitter are “bots” of various kinds, and evidently he has quite a few “new” followers.

One sign of a bot: no profile photo and an unusual number of tweets (either an outrageous number or none at all) and a few followers.

I now have a new twitter account that I am keeping secret because I want to see how many followers I end up “starting from scratch”…right now I have a grand total of 14 on that account (over a 3 day period). My others are 152 (social account) and 135 (academic “professor’s watercooler” account). In the world of twitter, those are tiny, tiny followings.

But I wonder if my new “political news” account will be suspected as a bot/troll account.

Anyway, I am keeping it super secret so my experiment doesn’t get foiled…

And yes, lots of things are happening. I have to be careful to not jump on stories that I want to be true.

On a related topic: I’ve often been confronted with “activist speak”: those who feel passionately about a topic but really don’t know that much about it. More than once, in an attempt to “educate” me, they’ve given me proper articles..which they drew incorrect inferences from. That can be tiring.

Yes, they have the right to speak, but they have no right for me to pay attention to what they are saying. What is the saying: “having the comfort of an opinion sans the discomfort of thought”?

Workout notes: easy 4 mile run in Bradley Park. Perfect weather. Ball game tonight.


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