Blog post one: Lynnor Special FAIL

I have a few things to say…more than I had anticipated. So here goes:

Workout: it was 52 F outside but my legs were a bit dead. So I went to try a Steamboat 15K simulation indoor, on a track and treadmill.

11:20/10:46 2 miles (lane 2 track) followed by some hills at 5.3 mph..I figured the indoor would give me some heat conditioning. The first mile went fine..did a hill rep 1-2-3 (up every 2 minutes) then 1-2-3 (up every minute) then 2-3 to get to 1 mile. Then 1 mile of 0-.5-1-1.5 then 0-.5…at which point I walked a bit. Then another 6 minute hill 1-2-3 rep..ok, 7 minutes…and then recovery..and…walking. I gave up and walked to 4 miles (6 miles in 1:13). It was becoming too much like a “hard” workout and I want to race on Saturday.

Moral: don’t try to simulate a race at something close to race pace unless you are rested. I had a nice couple of days of workouts the previous 2 days.


May 25, 2017 - Posted by | running

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