Why talking to “the opposition” is so unpleasant ….

Ok, I read this vox article which tries to makes this a “both sides” type of thing:

If you ever thought, “You couldn’t pay me to listen to Sean Hannity / Rachael Maddow / insert any television pundit you violently disagree with here” — you are not alone.

A study, recently published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, essentially tested this very question.

Two hundred participants were presented with two options. They could either read and answer questions about an opinion they agreed with — the topic was same-sex marriage — or read the opposing viewpoint.

Here’s the catch: If the participants chose to read the opinion they agreed with, they were entered into a raffle pool to earn $7. If they selected to read opposing opinion, they had a chance to win $10.

You’d think everyone would want to win more money, right?

No. […]

Frimer also tested people’s knowledge of the opposing side. Largely, the partisans were unfamiliar with their viewpoints. So it’s not the case that people are avoiding learning about the other side because they’re already familiar. What’s going on here is “motivated ignorance,” as Matt Motyl, one of the study co-authors calls it.

The last paragraph: I’d love to see how this study measured that. Here is why: at least on Facebook, I really DO know what the other side is going to say, at least the yahoos and sad sacks that I see. Now, I’d LOVE to see what an intelligent, informed conservative thinks, but I rarely see such conservatives on social media. I just see a collection of dummies or those who, while smart enough to have professional success, use all of their thinking power “on the job” and give little effort to understanding the facts behind the issues of the day; what you get from them is basically “knee jerk, bumper sticker” quality stuff, sans the spelling and grammatical errors.

So, I am not interested when they try to tell me that the Bible is a reliable guide to science (or history, or much anything else for that matter, save perhaps some insight to what people of that time thought). I am not interested in hearing that Obama was Muslim born in Kenya or that Benghazi or Fast and Furious was an impeachable offense, or that the ACA was a government takeover of our health care system.

These imbeciles might KNOW what we should do in Korea, but don’t even know where it is!

But truth be told, there are liberals I’d rather not talk to either. These are the type that scream about “cultural appropriation“, safe spaces, trigger warnings and the like.

Yeah, most of us (myself included) are mistaken about a lot of things, but the subset of intellectual average (or worse) people who are SURE that they are right and sanctimonious to the point where their positions are dogma are the worst ones to deal with, and I’d rather not engage with them on my free time.


May 16, 2017 - Posted by | social/political

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