Photos, a longish walk and baseball outings…

I walked a slightly modified version of the above: Bigelow to Forest Hill Drive directly, rather than the side diversion down Knoxville. The course measured 14.09 and it took me 3:24:31 to walk it (14:32 mpm). This was my best over the past couple of years or so, though I was routinely walking this in 2:57-3:00 in 2003-2005, and 3:16-3:19 as of 2012-2014. Yeah, I’ve slowed. But it is an improvement from recent performances; the goblet squats have helped my walking. I went out reasonably well; I was about 2:26 at mile 10. It was cool and warmed just a bit into a very reasonable “70s”.

Upshot: breaking 6 hours in a cool weather walking marathon, while tough, is realistic. But the days of a 12 minute walking pace for a full marathon are probably over.

Yesterday saw a ball game and graduation:

Graduation featured a delay when the sound mixing system went out.

The ball game: The Chiefs lost to the South Bend Cubs 4-0; most of the damage was done in the first inning (2 runs); they got 1 run in the second and an insurance home run in the 9’th. The Chiefs matched South Bend with 8 hits, but Peoria’s hits tended to be “single with 2 outs”. Tracy joined us.

This was a crowded day as it was billed as the minor league (“low A”) version of the Cardinals vs. Cubs rivalry, the major league version was also being played at this time. THAT attracted many Cubs fans.


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