Trump, Comey, and all the rest…

(from Real Clear Politics) President Obama was in the high 50’s, low 60’s by comparison.

So, what does this mean? (note: the numbers were taken mostly before the Comey firing)

This is probably very cynical of me, but Trump’s presidency really isn’t in peril until the Republican Congress turns against him, and Trump isn’t at Nixon levels of disapproval as yet, at least among Republicans.

And Trump is angering liberals, which, well, is a big part of modern Republican politics. It is the old: “if he makes liberals angry, he must be doing something right” sort of thing.

As far as firing Comey: THAT, in and of itself doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that he appeared to fire Comey either in retaliation for, or to hinder an FBI investigation into Russian involvement with our election, and as to whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians. That Russia interfered (via hacking the DNC, release of fake news, fake accounts, etc.) is beyond question. The issue is “did they interfere with the help of the Trump campaign, or was there any collusion?. And THAT, is very troubling. I hope the Republicans realize that President Trump could potentially turn on any one of them at a given moment.

But, sadly, the problem remains political rather than ethical.


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